Pink Wallpaper is a wallpaper that can be used to decorate the walls of the player's house.

Its matching flooring is Pink Flooring.

Obtaining Edit

Pink Wallpaper can be purchased at the following shop:

Store In Stock Price
Icon A&G Construction StoreA&G Construction Store
A&G Construction Store
1 3,000 Gols

Certain spouses, such as Gust, Ginger, or Albert, may occasionally ask the player if they can change the wallpaper. If they are allowed to, then they will change the current wallpaper and flooring to a random different matching set. The matching set can be any wallpaper and flooring set, even those that the player cannot currently buy the wallpaper themselves due to the season being different or the correct store not being unlocked yet. Any custom coloring from a Roller Brush or Floor Brush will not be carried over to the new wallpaper or flooring.

Usage Edit

Pink Wallpaper can only be applied to a Level 2 house or above.

The player can preview the wallpaper by placing it in an active inventory slot and using it as a tool inside the house. A second use will open a window prompting the player to apply the wallpaper or cancel their action. The wallpaper is consumed on use. Any custom coloring from a Roller Brush will not be carried over. If the player changes their wallpaper, they do not get the previous one back and will have to buy the previous wallpaper again if they wish to use it again.

Pink Wallpaper can be recolored after it is applied by using Roller Brush anywhere inside the house. Recoloring it consumes up to two Pigments.


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