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The Portia Grassland is a location within the southern outer walls of Portia. As its name suggests, the area is a large, near-treeless, open grass plains that extends from the Bassanio Falls to the player's workshop. The Portia River runs along south of the grassland, separating the land from Amber Island and the Eufaula Desert. A small apple orchard can be found east of the outer walls of Portia.

The Portia Grassland is known for making its home to Colorful Llamas. In broad daylight, these Colorful Llamas roam the grasslands; at night, the llamas sleep near the shrubs.


The Portia Grassland is known to host events and festivities. The most known events are the Martial Arts Tournament, the Land Run, and the Snowball Battle.

Due to its wide open field, small planes usually land within the grassland.

Places of interests[]

The orchard[]

The orchard

The orchard situates itself along the eastern walls. Along with several elm trees and a single oak tree, two Apple trees can be found within the small orchard. Papa Bear and Oaks reside in the cabin in the orchard. An additional Apple tree can be found a few feet away from the orchard

A few passive Mr. Ladybugs can be found wandering around the orchard.


Trap Box[]

Trap Box.png
Main article: Trap Box

Aside from hunting Colorful Llamas, a Trap Box can be installed east of the player's workshop, luring Colorful Llamas and allowing the player to tame them. With the Advanced Trap Box, the elusive Cotton Llama can also be tamed.




Logging loot
  • Small trees
  • Elm trees
  • Oak trees
  • Shrubs and bushes
Quarrying loot
  • Small rocks
  • Large rocks