When the game opens, the player arrives on a boat into Portia Harbor and is greeted by Presley.

Musa will arrive and invest in expanding the harbor to allow a larger capacity. There is a mission to create a lighthouse and a crane. There are also several other commissions to help complete the enlarged harbor. These require ten sets of Concrete, Igneous Brick and Waterproof Cloth.

A fishing spot is located near a pier where one can catch Golden Salmon, Bubblefish, Banner Fish and Lantern Fish. This pier is demolished in the expansion.

Once the Mission: Diagram for Dee-dee Stop is completed a Dee-dee Stop can be placed nearby.


Harbour Complete
Completed Portia Harbor
Harbour Docks
Portia docks
Wuwa's House
Wuwa's house
Harbour Fish Spot
The fishing spot