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Portia Harbor is the only harbor the coastal city of Portia has. It sits on the Western Beach and overlooks the Western Sea. Gatherable piles of Shells and Sand line its sandy beach, and Tody and Wuwa's house is the lone structure besides the small wooden pier that initially stands watch over the water.

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Once the Diagram for Dee-dee Stop is completed, a Dee-dee Stop can be placed nearby.


The player arrived to the harbor on Spring 1 to start a new life in Portia.

Musa, a business man and the richest man in the Free Cities, visited Portia to seek development in Portia's harbor. With the help of his funding, the Portia Harbor redevelopment was completed with a lighthouse, a new dock, warehouses, and the Harbor Trade Station. However, Tody disapproved of the development and committed arson to the warehouse. After his imprisonment, a new warehouse was built in its place.

Places of interest[]

The Portia Harbor is on the Western Beach.


When the game opens, the player rides in on Wuwa's boat into Portia Harbor, making the pier the first place in Portia that the player sets foot on.

This small wooden pier is later demolished during the harbor's expansion.

Harbor Trade Station[]

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Harbor Trade Station ico.png

Later, Musa arrives and invests in expanding the harbor in the interests of promoting trade. There is a mission to create a lighthouse and a crane. There are also several other commissions to help complete the enlarged harbor. These require ten sets of Concrete, Igneous Brick and Waterproof Cloth.

Once the expanded harbor is completed, the new Harbor Trade Station shop becomes open for business.


Fishing A fishing spot is located to the north of Portia Harbor.

The fishing spot north of Portia Harbor is along the coast, just east of the road. Wuwa can often be seen fishing at this spot. It contains more difficult and valuable fish than the other beginner fishing spots, but it can reached at the start of the game.

Portia Harbor Fishing Spot
Item Name Sell Price Exp Catch Chance
BubblefishBubblefish Bubblefish 100Gols.png 100 40.80%
Golden SalmonGolden Salmon Golden Salmon 30Gols.png 120 40.80%
SeaweedSeaweed Seaweed 3Gols.png 0 5%
Emperor BubblefishEmperor Bubblefish Emperor Bubblefish 200Gols.png 240 4.08%
Emperor Golden SalmonEmperor Golden Salmon Emperor Golden Salmon 60Gols.png 240 4.08%
RacketRacket Racket 10Gols.png 0 2.5%
Bubblefish KingBubblefish King Bubblefish King 5000Gols.png 500 1.02%
Golden Salmon KingGolden Salmon King Golden Salmon King 5000Gols.png 500 1.02%
TalismanTalisman Talisman 13Gols.png 0 0.5%
Golden RingGolden Ring Golden Ring 100Gols.png 0 0.20%


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