The Portia Museum is a building in Central Plaza that holds old world relics, crafting stations, and artwork that have been donated by people. The museum was constructed by the A&G Construction, with the assistance of the Construction Crane that the player built.

History Edit


Example of the letter announcing the museum opening

Some time after Ack's arrival to Portia, Mayor Gale had funded the building of the Portia Museum that would be situated next to the Research Center in Central Plaza. Gale commissioned the A&G Construction company to build the museum. Constructing the building required the need of a construction crane, causing Albert to commission the building of one to the player.

Albert tasked the player to build the Construction Crane, using the blueprint provided by Petra. With the Construction Crane in hand, the A&G Construction began the project that would take a week to build.

The Portia Museum was finally built and held a grand opening the following Saturday. Merlin volunteered to be the curator of the museum.

Structure and layout Edit

The Portia Museum has numerous podiums or shelves that display unique items. These display cases can hold small, medium, or large assembled items. On the second floor, a large aquarium is located within the wall. Unique fish specimens can be donated to the aquarium.

If Player become friends with MerlinMerlin, (Four hearts), she will allow Player to rearrange objects that have already been donated and placed. To do this, walk up to the object to be moved, press F (Pickup), walk to the destination podium or shelf, and place the object down. Note that selecting and moving shelf items may require pressing T to cycle through the available shelf locations. An item may only be moved to another podium or shelf of the correct type.

Item Type Stand Size Main Hall Back Room Upstairs Total
Small Relic Small 0 10 5 15
Medium Relic Medium 0 5 10 15
Large Relic Large 2 2 3 7
Special Item Relic Pedestal 2 2 0 4
Small Assembled Item Small 5 0 0 5
Medium Assembled Item Medium 18 3 0 21
Large Assembled Item Large 1 5 0 6
Ultra Large Assembled Item Ultra Large 0 1 0 1
Small Item Artwork Shelf 8 0 0 8
Small Item Relic Shelf 2 4 4 10
Small Item Exhibit Item Shelf 0 4 0 4
Special Unknown Item Special 1 0 0 1
Grand Totals - 39 36 22 97

NOTE: As of Version 1.1.130102 there is a podium for an unknown Item in the middle of the Main Hall, However it is not yet usable by the player.
NOTE: The Small Item Exhibit Item[sic] item type will accept either a Relic or Artwork Item.

Donating items Edit

Items that have been donated cannot be returned to the donor, and each item can only be donated one time. Currently, not all assembled items can be donated. There are not enough slots for all possible donations.

Assembled items Edit

Most items that can be crafted at the Assembly Station can be donated to the Portia Museum and occupy special spots at the front of the museum. They are referred to as Assembled Items and come in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Ultra Large.

Assembled Items
Item Name Size Reputation points
Advanced Skiver Medium 25
Basic Skiver Medium 10
Blender Medium 25
Boombox Medium 25
Civil Cutter Medium 10
Civil Furnace Medium 25
Comprehensive Cutter Medium 15
Comprehensive Grinder Medium 15
Construction Crane Large 30
Cooking Set Small 15
Dee-Dee Stop Medium 25
Electric Furnace Medium 15
Exhaust Fan Large 25
Fire Powered Generator Medium 25
Fish Display Small 10
Grill Medium 10
Grinder Medium 10
Harbor Crane Large 25
Home Station Large 25
Industrial Cutter Medium 25
Industrial Furnace Medium 25
Irrigation Tower Medium 15
Lara Model Small 10
Large Fish Tank Medium 20
Lift Large 25
Lift Controls Small 25
Loudspeaker Medium 20
Recycle Machine Medium 20
Removable Battery Small 10
Stone Furnace Medium 5
The Dragonfly Ultra Large 25
The Driller Large 30
Water Engine Medium 25
Water Storage Medium 15

Relics Edit

The majority of items that can be donated to the Portia Museum are relics, re-assembled from Relic Pieces at the Recovery Machine. They are referred to as Relics and come in five sizes: Small Item, Small, Medium, Large, and Special Item.

There are also a couple of items in the world which are considered Relics, but do not have to be re-assembled.

Item Name Size Reputation points
AI Model Large 25
Ancient Computer Small 15
Autumn Doll Small Item 10
Bonsai Small 25
Catmaid Statue Large 25
Cauldron Medium 20
Clay Figure: Female Small 15
Clay Figure: Male Small 15
Clear Sky Doll Small 15
Damour Roly-Poly Small 15
Diving Helmet Special 15
Duck on a King Medium 20
Fan Model Medium 10
Fish Sub Special 20
Fortune Cat Medium 20
French Horn Small Item 10
Galloping Horse Special 25
Goddess Statue Large 25
Incredible Mandy Medium 20
Joystick Small Item 10
Keypad Small Item 10
Magic Lamp Small Item 20
Monster Toy Small Item 15
Monument Model Large 25
Old Talker Small 20
Old Thermos Small Item 10
Owl Clock Small Item 25
Performance Center Model Medium 25
Piano Medium 25
Plane Model Large 25
Porcelain Waterholder Small 15
Power Lamp Small 15
Printing Press Medium 25
Rocket Model Medium 20
Sailboat Model Medium 20
Sculpted Lion Large 25
Ship in a Bottle Small 15
Soldier with Axe Medium 25
Soldier with Blade Medium 25
Soldier with Lance Medium 25
Soldier with Scepter Medium 25
Sphere Trophy Small 15
Spring Doll Small Item 10
Summer Doll Small Item 10
Sunny Side Small 25
The Thinking Can Large 20
Typewriter Small 15
Vending Machine Large 30
Vinyl Record Player Small 15
Washing Machine Medium 10
Water Cooler Medium 10
Weird Glass Jar Small 20
Welding Helmet Special 15
Winter Doll Small Item 10

Artwork Edit

The Portia Museum also accepts a number of books and paintings as Small Item Artwork.

Painting - Redstone Artwork
Item Name Size Reputation points
Busy Farm Small 10
Cooking Master Small 10
Heart Knot Small 10
Journey to the East Small 10
Painting: Distant Mountains Small 10
Painting: Girl Small 10
Painting: Redstone Small 10
Painting: Street Small 10
Painting: The Lonely Windmill Small 10

Rewards Edit

Donation Rewards

Donation Rewards box

After donating a certain number of items, the player can collect item rewards from a small table at the front of the Portia Museum. All items count equally toward the reward, except fish, which do not count.

Relic Pieces Exchange ico Donation rewards
Number of donations Reward
Small Waste Bin
Magician's Hat
Recovery Machine
Colorful Hat
Safety Box
Marble Flower Bed
Mini Bowling Alley

Relic Pieces ExchangeEdit

The Relic Pieces Exchange is located to the right of the counter near the stairs on a blue noticeboard marked with a broken relic icon Relic Pieces Exchange ico.

By interacting with the Relic Pieces Exchange board the player can instantaneously exchange relic pieces with the citizens of Portia. Some people may simply ask for another relic piece, others may ask for Gols. The requested relic piece has to be in the player's inventory to be traded.

The requests on the board refresh every Sunday. Up to four requests are posted, and there is a time limit for each request ranging from a day to 4 days. Completing a request earns the player 10 or 30 Relationship points with the character who posted it.


Museum aquarium


The Aquarium is a large fish tank located on the second floor. Initially the Aquarium is empty, but it will fill up with the different types of fish species as the player donates them.

Each species can only be donated once, but the player can donate common, emperor, and king fish species. The player can donate the common fish first, followed by the emperor fish to replace it, then the king fish to replace either of the former, or donate the king or emperor fish first without needing the common fish; however, the player cannot replace a more rare fish with a more common fish.

To donate a fish to the Aquarium, place the fish on the hot bar, and hold it while approaching the face of the Aquarium. The prompt to Observe will then include Put in, and selecting that option will add the fish (if it hasn't already been added).

Rewards Edit

If a higher tier of fish donation is completed before the less rare fish donation, Merlin sends the player all rewards earned simultaneously.

Fish Species Collection
Donating an emperor or king versions of a fish will replace the more common tiers of fish, but not vice versa.

Trivia Edit

As of version 2.0.134241:

  • There is sufficient space to display all but: one Medium Assembled Item, one Large Relic, and one Medium Relic.
  • There is extra space to fit an additional two new items of the Small Item Relic or Small Item Artwork type.
  • The maximum number of Prompt guild Reputation Points the Player can earn from Item donations is 1,710.


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