The Portia River is the long body of water that divides the fields around Portia from the Eufaula Desert. The river flows southwest from its source at the Portia Falls (between Bassanio Heights and Eufaula Heights), down the Bassanio Falls, along the fields of Portia, past South Block and Amber Island, and into the Western Sea.

It offers four fishing spots.


A bridge connecting to Amber Island was washed away from a storm prior to the player's arrival. Gale issues a commission to rebuild the bridge. Another bridge was built to connect to the Eufaula Desert.

After defeating the Bandirat Prince in Amber Island's Cave, the river becomes polluted with toxic waste from WOW Industries; the cause of the pollution was a retaliation from the Rat King for the defeat of the Bandirat Prince. With the help from Sam, the player and Sam defeat the Rat King and restore the purity of the river.


At the start of the game, the player cannot reach the areas on the other side of the river. Getting too close to the river (or any other deep body of water) will cause the screen to turn black and reset the player's position to somewhere on the nearby shore. Later, however, the player gets the opportunity to help build two new bridges, opening up new areas for exploration.

Amber Island BridgeEdit

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Amber Island Bridge

The Amber Island Bridge allows passage to Amber Island, once it has been built during Bridge to Amber Island.

Portia BridgeEdit

Portia Bridge 1

The Portia Bridge

Once it has been built during The Portia Bridge, the Portia Bridge connects the Portia mainland to South Block and Eufaula Desert. This also allows the player to finally meet the elusive green Hulu Brother, Siwa.

Places of interestsEdit


Map Icon Fishing Spot The river features four fishing spots in its waters, all with different fish:

The player's first Fishing Day is most likely to occur at the Bassanio Falls or Portia River fishing spots.

This article only lists the Portia River fishing spot. The other three locations can be found at their respective pages.

The Portia River fishing spot is the closest one to the player's Workshop. It is located in the river beside Amber Island (next to the Amber Island Bridge, which the player builds during the mission Bridge to Amber Island. It contains Catfish and Frog Fish, some of the easier catches in the game. This fishing spot is accessible by default.

Portia River Fishing Spot
Item Name Sell Price Time to Catch Exp Catch Chance
CatfishCatfish Catfish 30 Gols 10 min. 120 40.80%
Frog FishFrog Fish Frog Fish 75 Gols 14 min. 120 40.80%
Rusty Iron PipeRusty Iron Pipe Rusty Iron Pipe 4 Gols <10 min. 0 5%
Emperor CatfishEmperor Catfish Emperor Catfish 60 Gols 7 min. 240 4.08%
Emperor Frog FishEmperor Frog Fish Emperor Frog Fish 150 Gols 24 min. 240 4.08%
RacketRacket Racket 10 Gols <10 min. 0 2.5%
Catfish KingCatfish King Catfish King 5000 Gols 40 min. 500 1.02%
Frog Fish KingFrog Fish King Frog Fish King 5000 Gols 40 min. 500 1.02%
Shell NecklaceShell Necklace Shell Necklace 13 Gols <10 min. 0 0.5%
Golden RingGolden Ring Golden Ring 100 Gols <10 min. 0 0.20%


  • The player may be able to access the Eufaula Desert before building the Portia Bridge by going up the Bassanio Heights Lift, then jumping with the help of a mount across the river at its thinnest point. This requires the player to sprint on their mount towards the river, jump as close to the edge of the water as they can, then jump (right-click) off their mount before hitting the water.
    • The player can jump across on either side of the river with this method. (Tested on a Cotton Llama.)
    • This method allows the player to simply ride the Dee-Dee Transport System all the way to the Bassanio Heights stop, then jump across the river to fish at the Eufaula Heights fishing spot.


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