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Boss Rat King

Rat King is a boss found in the WOW Industries building.


One Rat King will always be found in the last room of the WOW Industries sewage system during The Poisoned Water, and must be defeated in order to proceed with the mission.

Behavior Edit

Depending on his health or proximity to him, he will use one of his four attacks:

  • Melee, quick strike with the scepter
  • Melee, the sequence of a propeller stroke then a slow but powerful stroke of scepter
  • Halfway, belly shot
  • Ranged, throws his propeller around him like a boomerang

Drops Edit

Upon defeat, drops:

Strategies Edit

See Tips and Tricks: Rat King for more detailed information.
  • Use Inventory Screen to heal and apply buffs. Although you can assign the items to the item bar, having to switch between food and weapons while fighting can be confusing and will waste time. The default key for inventory is i.
  • Stay close. The Rat King, unlike the Chemical Dropout, seems to have a spot right under his belly and by his feet where some of his attacks can't hit (please confirm with current build). verify ] He also turns slowly.
  • Dodge attacks. Some attacks deal more damage than others (the propeller combo is the worst, but at least it is slow). Figure out which attack or attacks are most damaging and dodge those. Some attacks may take two dodge rolls to completely avoid
  • Bring good weapons, clothes, and accessories. Lion's Claw is strongly recommended due to its ability to stun. Three Accessories increases your Critical Chance by 30%.
  • Bring enough good consumables. Sweet Caviar, Golden Radish Soup or Dried Apple Slice, and Bubblefish Stew are ideal.
  • Maximize your critical chance. With a potential +30% from accessories, a +35% from food, +20% from being best friends with Arlo, you will have an 85% chance to land a Critical Hit with just boosts.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike most creatures, the Rat King is capable of human speech.
  • The Bandirat Prince is the Rat King's son.
  • You cannot exit the dungeon during the "Find the exit" part of the mission. Dying in any way will make you respawn nearby with full life. You have to be defeated by the Rat King at least once before a teleport area appears at the entrance of the room. To re-enter the dungeon, use the teleporter outside the WOW Industries building, next to the pipe leading in and out the building (hard to see during winter).
  • You can exit and re-enter unlimited times. Once you re-enter, instead of turning left to where Rat King is, go to the right and open the three treasure chests for unlimited Nitre, Data Disc, Power Stone, and Enhanced Iron Sword (Book). verify ]
  • It is possible to get enough Animal Skeletons at this point in the story to make the Enhanced Iron Sword by buying Lucky Sacks from the Mysterious Man to obtain the required amount of Animal Skeletons, though this method is potentially expensive. Another way to gain Animal Skeletons is to use the Lion's Claw's teleportation glitch.
  • Following the tips and tricks mentioned above can potentially give you 1000-2200 damage in a combo at level 21.
  • You can use Acupuncture to reset your skills both before and after the fight. This is useful when the fight is difficult.

Trivia Edit


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