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Boss Rat King

Rat King is a boss monster found in the WOW Industries building.


One Rat King will always be found in the last room of the WOW Industries sewage system during The Poisoned Water, and must be defeated in order to proceed with the mission.

A stronger version of the Rat King always spawns on Floor 93 of the Deepest Ruin.

Behavior Edit

See Tips and Tricks: Rat King for more information on strategies.

Depending on Rat King's health or proximity to him, Rat King will use one of his four attacks:

  • Melee, quick strike with the scepter
  • Melee, the sequence of a propeller stroke then a slow but powerful stroke of scepter
  • Halfway, belly shot
  • Ranged, throws his propeller around him like a boomerang


Levels ExpExp Items
25 600 FurFur (5)
Copper PipeCopper Pipe (3)
LeatherLeather (3)
TopazTopaz (2)

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike most creatures, the Rat King is capable of human speech.
  • The Bandirat Prince is the Rat King's son.
  • Rat King was the fourth boss added to the game. It was added in Alpha 3.5.


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