There are rental horses available at MacDonald's ranch. You will need to install a Stable in your yard if you plan to have your own mounts.
— Loading screen tip
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The Rent-a-Horse stable, with a player riding away on a horse

The Rent-a-Horse is a service McDonald offers, conveniently located near McD's Jumpin' Livestock and Sophie's Ranch. After fixing his stable, the player can buy or rent horses from it.


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Horses allow much faster movement than walking or sprinting, though they cannot do sharp turns. While the player is dismounted, the horse will follow the player around unless told to stay or return to the player's Stable. Owned mounts will stay in the Stable until the player rides them for the first time that day, whereas the rental horse will follow the player around as soon as they leave their House.

The rental horse costs 500Gols for one week. After the lease expires, McDonald will leave a note in the player's mailbox in the morning to let them know he took his horse back.

The rented horse starts with its stats maxed out, while bought horses must be trained to their full potential. However, owned horses will eventually exceed the stats of the rented horse. The white horse also has higher potential stats than the brown horse.

The amount each skill is trained to for horses are below: 

Factors that are Related to the Horse
Stats Purchase Horse 1 Purchase Horse 2 Rent Horse 1
Skill Permanent Stable Horse 1 (Brown) Permanent Stable Horse 2 (White) Rented Horse
Speed 20% 75% 100%
Endurance Recovery Speed 30% 60% 100%
Jump Endurance Utilization 30% 60% 100%
Dash Endurance Utilization 60% 50% 100%
Loyalty 0% 0% 100%
Cost 10,000 Gols
One Time Fee
15,000 Gols
One Time Fee
500 Gols
per Week
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