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The Research Center Exchange is a shop that can be accessed by interacting with a yellow cash register on a table located near the middle of the Research Center.

Unlike most shops, it takes Data Discs instead of Gols as currency.

Relationship discount[]

The player can get up to 20% discount when shopping at Research Center Exchange if they become good friends with Petra and 25% discount if they become lovers.


Unlike most of the other stores, Research Center Exchange does not purchase any items from the player.

General stock[]

The store is stocked with small amount of relic crafting materials and several crafting books. Not all items are available for purchase at the beginning of the game, a few of them are unlocked as the player progresses with the main story.

There is a fixed amount of each item in stock. If the player buys all available items they will have to wait until the next day for the store to restock.

Advanced Engines, Silicon Chipsets and Condensed Power Stones can all be found in Abandoned Ruins and some other places, though they are relatively rare early on, which can make them worthwhile purchases.

Item Amount Price Mission
Research NotesResearch Notes
99 10 Data Disc Adventure on Starlight Island
Advanced EngineAdvanced Engine
5 6 Data Disc
Silicon ChipsetSilicon Chipset
5 3 Data Disc
Condensed Power StoneCondensed Power Stone
20 4 Power Stone
Coral Tree (Book)Coral Tree (Book)
1 2 Data Disc A Boat to Starlight
Weapon Rack (Book)Weapon Rack (Book)
1 5 Data Disc
Training Dummy (Book)Training Dummy (Book)
1 2 Data Disc

Data chips

Data chips are the items used for upgrade Ack to unlock new helper functions and recipes. They become available the day after the player completes Chip Upgrades. Only one of each chips is required to unlock Ack's respective ability.

Item Amount Price
Meteorological Data ChipMeteorological Data Chip
1 10 Data Disc
Production Data Chip #1Production Data Chip #1
1 10 Data Disc
Husbandry Data Chip #1Husbandry Data Chip #1
1 20 Data Disc
Agricultural Data Chip #1Agricultural Data Chip #1
1 20 Data Disc
Production Data Chip #2Production Data Chip #2
1 30 Data Disc

Additional data chips exist: Agricultural Data Chip #2, Husbandry Data Chip #2 and six data chips related to cooking. These chips cannot be purchased but can be found as loot in various Abandoned Ruins. They cannot be used before completing Chip Upgrades.

Assembly diagrams

All of the assembly diagrams can be obtained for less Data Discs if obtained from Petra during a mission, though the player will have to wait at least one day for each blueprint.

However, if the player's game is bugged and they cannot otherwise receive a blueprint they need, they can simply buy it from this store.

Research Center ExchangeResearch Center Exchange
Item Amount Price Mission
1 11 Data Disc Panbat Infestation
1 23 Data Disc Panbat Infestation
Water EngineWater Engine
1 16 Data Disc Saving the Tree Farm
Water StorageWater Storage
1 10 Data Disc Saving the Tree Farm
Water WheelWater Wheel
1 23 Data Disc Saving the Tree Farm
Lift ControlsLift Controls
1 9 Data Disc The Bassanio Lift
Lara ModelLara Model
1 19 Data Disc The Lonely Robot
Bridge TowerBridge Tower
1 29 Data Disc The Portia Bridge
Steel BeamSteel Beam
1 22 Data Disc The Portia Bridge
The DrillerThe Driller
1 49 Data Disc The Driller
Construction CraneConstruction Crane
1 35 Data Disc Construction Crane
Charge StationCharge Station
1 41 Data Disc Vehicle Pitstop
Iron Wood SupportIron Wood Support
1 14 Data Disc South Block Development
Chimney RoofChimney Roof
1 16 Data Disc South Block Development
Bus StationBus Station
1 36 Data Disc South Block Development
Water WellWater Well
1 13 Data Disc Emily's Well
Water TowerWater Tower
1 30 Data Disc Vehicle Pitstop
Wind TurbineWind Turbine
1 79 Data Disc The Desert Wind
1 65 Data Disc Western Plateau
Navigation LightNavigation Light
1 31 Data Disc To Light the Way
Harbor CraneHarbor Crane
1 101 Data Disc The Harbor Crane
Long-Haul BusLong-Haul Bus
1 69 Data Disc Long-Haul Bus
Aluminum Alloy FrameAluminum Alloy Frame
1 22 Data Disc Dana's Mining Company
Conveyor BeltConveyor Belt
1 51 Data Disc Dana's Mining Company
1 70 Data Disc Dana's Mining Company
Advanced Control UnitAdvanced Control Unit
1 32 Data Disc Road to the Marsh
Composite Steel BeamComposite Steel Beam
1 39 Data Disc Road to the Marsh
High Power Lift MachineHigh Power Lift Machine
1 82 Data Disc Road to the Marsh
Metal RampMetal Ramp
1 29 Data Disc Road to the Marsh