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The information below only applies to the PC versions.
Consoles may contain different data, and may or may not change in future updates.
Comments: Not available on console yet; will be added in next major update.

Restaurant consumables are one of the five types of consumable items available in the game. They are dishes that are only available when dining in The Round Table. They cannot be placed in the player's inventory; they are consumed while in the restaurant. The restoration of Icon SP listed below are for single items; multiple items greatly reduces additional Icon SP restoration after the first.

Item Name Effect
Apple Juice-dinnerApple Juice Apple Juice Restores 29Icon SP
Apple PieApple Pie Apple Pie Restores 34Icon SP
Apricot JuiceApricot Juice Apricot Juice Restores 10Icon SP
Baked Bread (Round Table)Baked Bread Baked Bread Restores 29Icon SP
Baked Rice with Chicken CurryBaked Rice with Chicken Curry Baked Rice with Chicken Curry Restores 48Icon SP
Baked Rice with Coconut ChickenBaked Rice with Coconut Chicken Baked Rice with Coconut Chicken ???
Bamboo Papaya and Seafood with RiceBamboo Papaya and Seafood with Rice Bamboo Papaya and Seafood with Rice ???
Bamboo Papaya with Egg-on-TopBamboo Papaya with Egg-on-Top Bamboo Papaya with Egg-on-Top ???
Banner Fish SaladBanner Fish Salad Banner Fish Salad Restores 57Icon SP
BBQ Grilled MeatBBQ Grilled Meat BBQ Grilled Meat Restores 55Icon SP
Bitter Melon MixBitter Melon Mix Bitter Melon Mix ???
Black Forest CakeBlack Forest Cake Black Forest Cake Restores 34Icon SP
CaviarCaviar Caviar ???
Chocolate MilkshakeChocolate Milkshake Chocolate Milkshake Restores 38Icon SP
Classic Spaghetti with Meat SauceClassic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Classic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Restores 38Icon SP
CoffeeCoffee Coffee Restores 38Icon SP
Colorful Ice CreamColorful Ice Cream Colorful Ice Cream Restores 48Icon SP
Seafood NoodlesCreamy Noodles with Bacon Creamy Noodles with Bacon Restores 42Icon SP
Creamy Salmon StewCreamy Salmon Stew Creamy Salmon Stew ???
Creamy Shrimp StewCreamy Shrimp Stew Creamy Shrimp Stew ???
Crispy PancakeCrispy Pancake Crispy Pancake Restores 34Icon SP
Deep Fried RibsDeep Fried Ribs Deep Fried Ribs Restores 64Icon SP
Stewed MushroomsDjango's Braised Meat Django's Braised Meat Restores 67Icon SP
Duvos Winter PunchDuvos Winter Punch Duvos Winter Punch Restores 50Icon SP
Fire Fruit MixFire Fruit Mix Fire Fruit Mix Restores 34Icon SP
Fruit PuffFruit Puff Fruit Puff Restores 29Icon SP
Fruit SaladFruit Salad Fruit Salad Restores 48Icon SP
Golden Radish SoupGolden Radish Soup Golden Radish Soup Restores 60Icon SP
Green Beans in SauceGreen Beans in Sauce Green Beans in Sauce Restores 20Icon SP
Grilled TurkeyGrilled Turkey Grilled Turkey Restores 89Icon SP
Highwind Fried RiceHighwind Fried Rice Highwind Fried Rice ???
Holly TeaHolly Tea Holly Tea Restores 43Icon SP
Mapo TofuMapo Tofu Mapo Tofu ???
Fish PorridgeMeidi's Fish Stew Meidi's Fish Stew Restores 58Icon SP
Milk TeaMilk Scented Tea Milk Scented Tea Restores 34Icon SP
Milky Pineapple SoupMilky Pineapple Soup Milky Pineapple Soup ???
Mushrooms in Oyster SauceMushrooms in Oyster Sauce Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce Restores 38Icon SP
Orange JuiceOrange Juice Orange Juice ???
Pickled Black FungusPickled Black Fungus Pickled Black Fungus Restores 20Icon SP
PicklesPickles Pickles Restores 24Icon SP
Pinecock Egg TartPinecock Egg Tart Pinecock Egg Tart Restores 20Icon SP
Portia Hot PotPortia Hot Pot Portia Hot Pot Restores 88Icon SP
Pumpkin PiePumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie Restores 55Icon SP
Pumpkin Steamed RicePumpkin Steamed Rice Pumpkin Steamed Rice Restores 50Icon SP
Rainbow LemonadeRainbow Lemonade Rainbow Lemonade Restores 43Icon SP
Red TeaRed Tea Red Tea ???
Roasted Warthog FeetRoasted Warthog Feet Roasted Warthog Feet Restores 69Icon SP
Sauteed RibsSauteed Ribs Sauteed Ribs ???
Sauteed Sweet and Sour TenderloinSauteed Sweet and Sour Tenderloin Sauteed Sweet and Sour Tenderloin ???
Seesai Fruit MixSeesai Fruit Mix Seesai Fruit Mix Restores 60Icon SP
Smoked Fish RollSmoked Fish Roll Smoked Fish Roll ???
Smoked Meat-dinnerSmoked Meat Smoked Meat Restores 58Icon SP
Snowman Ice CreamSnowman Ice Cream Snowman Ice Cream ???
Spaghetti with Hot SauceSpaghetti with Hot Sauce Spaghetti with Hot Sauce Restores 34Icon SP
Spicy and Sour PotatoSpicy and Sour Potato Spicy and Sour Potato Restores 34Icon SP
Spicy Fish SoupSpicy Fish Soup Spicy Fish Soup ???
Steamed Potato FruitSteamed Potato Fruit Steamed Potato Fruit Restores 43Icon SP
Stewed MushroomsStewed Mushrooms Stewed Mushrooms Restores 55Icon SP
Stewed Rice Meat SupremeStewed Rice Meat Supreme Stewed Rice Meat Supreme Restores 43Icon SP
Supremely Spicy SpaghettiSupremely Spicy Spaghetti Supremely Spicy Spaghetti ???
Tallsky Goat MilkTallsky Goat Milk Tallsky Goat Milk Restores 34Icon SP
Twin Colored PuddingTwin Colored Pudding Twin Colored Pudding Restores 43Icon SP
Vanilla PuddingVanilla Pudding Vanilla Pudding Restores 20Icon SP
Vegetable with Minced GarlicVegetable with Minced Garlic Vegetable with Minced Garlic Restores 34Icon SP
Vegetable SaladVegetable Salad Vegetable Salad Restores 34Icon SP
Well Seasoned RibsWell Seasoned Ribs Well Seasoned Ribs Restores 73Icon SP
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