Rider's Badge is a type of currency.

Obtaining Edit

Rider's Badges are awarded for placing first, second, or third during the Land Run festival.

Usage Edit

Rider's Badges can be used to purchase items at the Gift Exchange during autumn.

Gift Exchange icoGift Exchange Gift Exchange
Item Name Amount Price
Rider's CapRider's Cap Rider's Cap 1 25 Rider's Badge
Rider's CoatRider's Coat Rider's Coat 1 40 Rider's Badge
Rider's BreechRider's Breech Rider's Breech 1 50 Rider's Badge
Master Rider PennantMaster Rider Pennant Master Rider Pennant 1 25 Rider's Badge
Horse Head Floor LampHorse Head Floor Lamp Horse Head Floor Lamp 1 15 Rider's Badge
Billboard for the Portia Land RunBillboard for the Portia Land Run Billboard for the Portia Land Run 1 8 Rider's Badge
HurdleHurdle Hurdle 1 8 Rider's Badge
Jockey StatueJockey Statue Jockey Statue 1 30 Rider's Badge
Pony Table LampPony Table Lamp Pony Table Lamp 1 10 Rider's Badge
Llama Memorabilia BlanketLlama Memorabilia Blanket Llama Memorabilia Blanket 1 15 Rider's Badge
Race Horse Memorabilia BlanketRace Horse Memorabilia Blanket Race Horse Memorabilia Blanket 1 15 Rider's Badge
Wooden HorseWooden Horse Wooden Horse 1 15 Rider's Badge

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