Rock-on is a boss found in Mission: Rescue in Ingall's Mine, the Ingall's Mine Hazardous Ruin's Upper Level (Level 1), and the Deepest Ruin. In the Deepest Ruin, there is a chance it will be on floor 90, and it will definitely be on floor 94.

Behavior Edit

Rock-On has a multitude of attacks it can levy against the Builder. All but one of its attacks hit multiple times, so it's imperative to escape before the Builder takes too many hits.

All of these attacks can be used at the beginning of the fight.

  • Firstly, when in very close range, Rock-On will attempt to drill the Builder.
  • Secondly, It has a medium range arm swipe attack, where its arms are covered in electric currents. Unlike Rock-On's other attacks, this attack only hits once, but hits for rather high damage.
  • Thirdly, Rock-On will do a horizontal spin attack, which hits a great number of times. It is advised to avoid going near Rock-On when it's using this attack.
  • Lastly, Rock-On will do a vertical spin attack. However, just because it's spinning vertically, doesn't mean it won't turn to face the Builder in this state. Just like the other spin attack, this one also hits many times, and it is also advisable to avoid Rock-On when it's doing this attack.

Drops Edit

15 Manganese Steel Bar

2 Diamond

3 Simple Circuits

1 Large Drill Tip

Trivia Edit

  • Stunning the Rock-on results in electricity circulating around its legs, hurting the player.
  • Attacking the Rock-on's legs does no damage.
  • In Mission: Rescue in Ingall's Mine, the Rock-on dropped the same items, but the loot was short on 2 Simple Circuits. verify ]
  • During Early Access, the Rock-on was known as the Digger AI.


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