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Details: The Rogue Knight's Sword states that the player must be level 60 to pick it up, but the player can pick it up at level 50.
Rogue Knight's Sword is a melee weapon used in combat. Its original owner was the Rogue Knight.

Obtaining Edit

Rogue Knight's Sword can be picked up from the ground in Central Plaza after the player has completed The Final Battle and has reached level 50.

Usage Edit

Rogue Knight's Sword is a weapon that the player can use in combat by equipping it into an active inventory slot. It boosts the player's Attack by 480 and Critical Chance by 100%, ensuring that every attack is a critical hit. Rogue Knight's Sword has unique attack animations and has a very high damage combo finisher.

The player can upgrade any other sword in the game to the Rogue Knight's Sword's stats using the Forge, but Rogue Knight's Sword's attack animation and combos cannot be transferred.


  • The Rogue Knight's Sword is tied for the most powerful weapon in My Time at Portia, with its stats matched only by the Golden Staff.
  • While the sword claims to have a 100% chance to cause a critical hit, the initial hit deals damage comparable to a non-critical hit of most any other high level weapon the player can acquire. The subsequent two hits in the combo only deal x2 damage regardless of the player's increase in critical hit damage. However, if the sword's stats are forged onto another weapon, that weapon will have a 100% chance to land a critical hit with no penalties.
  • The Rogue Knight's Sword's texture file is named "Aadit_03_wuqi," the last word meaning 武器 (Wǔqì, "weapon") in Chinese.

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