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Gust wedding

A wedding between the player and Gust

Romance allows the player to date and eventually marry eligible non-playable characters. Player characters can freely date any character, regardless of gender, as long as the NPC is not a child, married, elderly, or in certain scenarios, creatures.[1]

Romanceable charactersEdit

Romance is possible only with a character whose relationship gauge in denoted by hearts in the Social tab in the Menu, with the exception of Merlin, who cannot be romanced.





The Heart Knot represents a confession of love. When you give it to your special someone, it means you want to ask that someone out! Available at Alice's shop.
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Oaks successful confession

Successfully confessing to Oaks

Romance can only begin after the player confesses to a character. The player can confess after reaching Friend status with an eligible character.

A Heart Knot can be purchased at Alice's Flower Shop. When the player has a Heart Knot in their inventory they can give it as a gift to confess their feelings.

There is a chance a character will reject the player's confession. The more hearts the player has with a character the less chance the character will reject them. The chance of successful confession can be increased with Matchmaker social skill.

If a character accepts the player's confession, their relationship status with the player changes, making new interactions available.


Social interact

Successful confession unlocks new new social interactions with a character. The player can cuddle with the character they are dating, ask them for a massage, or kiss them.

Each of the interactions can be done up to three times per day for a small relationship boost. Cuddling rewards the +1 relationship point. Massage rewards +1 relationship point and restores 5 Stamina to the player. Kissing rewards +2 relationship points.


Main article: Play and Date

After a character accepts the player's confession they can be taken on dates instead of play dates for a significant relationship boost. A number of locations and interactions is available only when dating.

Dating can be initiated once per week. Only one character can be dated with per day.


Jealousy date

Caught on a date

The player can romance several characters at once. They will not get a penalty unless they are caught by the character they are romancing while dating or interacting with another character.

If the player is caught while on a date with another character, the date immediately ends end their date partner gets -50 relationship points. The character who caught them gets -30 relationship points.

If the player is caught while hugging or kissing another character, both the character the player interacted with and the character who caught them get -30 relationship points.

Both characters will be upset and have broken hearts in their social status. They will refuse to talk, interact, or date with the player. They will still accept gifts.

Using Apology Bear

Sonia accepting the player's apology

The broken heart status can be removed by gifting an Apology Bear purchased at the Badge Exchange.

If the player does not gift an Apology Bear within a week after a character gets jealous, their romantic relationship with that character ends. The character is reverted to Buddy (3 hearts).

Romance missions and cutscenes will not trigger jealousy even if several characters the player is romancing are involved in them.

Breaking upEdit

In Portia, a Withered Branch represents a breakup in relationship. When you give it to your love interest, you will break up with her or him. Available at Alice's shop.
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The player can end a romantic relationship at any time by gifting their partner a Withered Branch purchased at Alice's Flower Shop. The character the player gives the Branch to will revert to Stranger, Associate, Buddy, or Friend relationship level depending on the character.


Main article: Marriage

The player can earn the ability to marry a character they are dating after upgrading their house to level 2. Though the player can date as many people as they'd like, they can only marry one person, and all other boyfriends/girlfriends will lose relationship points and revert to a non-romantic status with the player upon marriage as if the player has given them the Withered Branch.


If you ever meet your one true love, you can buy the Wedding Ring from the Mysterious Salesman to express your desire for marriage.
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The player can propose to their boyfriend or girlfriend after reaching Lover status (8-9 hearts) with them by gifting them a Wedding Ring. The wedding will take place the next morning, if they accept.

Certain characters have special missions the player has to complete before marrying them.

Relationship levelsEdit

Level Basic interactions Unlocks
Boyfriend / Girlfriend
HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2Heart 2Heart 2Heart 2Heart 2
HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2Heart 2Heart 2Heart 2
Social confession
  • Cuddle interaction
HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2Heart 2Heart 2
HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2Heart 2
  • Massage interaction
HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2
HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2
Social propose
(spouse only)
Full Devotion
(spouse only)
Social baby

Romance missionsEdit

Some characters have missions which can only be triggered if the player romances them or proposes to them.


Arlo Arlo
Mission: A Strong Man's Adventure
Gust Gust
Mission: A Date
Mission: Commission of Happiness
Mint Mint
Mission: Mint Condition is required to start dating him
Mission: A Near-Departure and Mission: Mint's Heart are required to marry him
Xu Xu
Mission: Moonlight Primrose


Emily Emily
Mission: Sophie's Test is required to start dating her
Mission: Winning the Autumn Festival
Mission: Room for a Princess
Ginger Ginger
Mission: Ginger's Little Wish
Mission: A Gift for Brother
Mission: In Sickness
Mission: And in Health
Mission: Tests of Marriage is required to marry her
Phyllis Phyllis
Mission: Hotpot for Two
Mission: Phyllis' Dream
Mission: Time To Get Serious is required to marry her
Sam Sam
Mission: The Lucky Charm

References Edit

  1. "The only limits are children, married folks, and really old people."