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Sam was always a tomboy, even during her younger days growing up in Portia. She was feared by all the boys her age. Due to her father's involvement in the war with Duvos, Sam always wanted to enlist in the Civil Corps to protect her city. Rumor has it she fought Arlo to a stand still during her Civil Corps test.


Personal SummaryEdit

Sam was born on the 23rd Day of Autumn. She is an easygoing tomboy and is tough in a fight.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sam wears a pink aviator hat with white fur trim, oversized brown and orange goggles, pink eye shadow, a bomber jacket to match her hat, a yellow asymmetrical shirt with orange stripes, black fingerless gloves with green trim, and green pants. She wears a pink boxing glove with three stars on it from a belt around her waist, and also carries around a white and blue satchel.

Related CharactersEdit

Sam doesn't have family in Portia, but she does have her Friends and fellow soldiers at the Civil Corps, Arlo and Remington.


When befriending Sam, her relationship network with other NPCs will also be affected, resulting in the player receiving favor points from those NPCs as well.


Below is her generic schedule. Certain events may alter her schedule, such as conversing with the character, missions, special events, or other distractions. All times listed are estimates, unless otherwise noted.

At the end of the day, she returns to her home, which is in the center of town, near the park. It is open from 7:00 AM to 21:00 PM.

Time Location

Time Location
8:00 Running Training with Arlo,Remington, and Paulie, at ramp in front of the Civil Corps building.
10:00 Finishes Training,And begins patrolling on the bridge arches between The Round Table and Martha's Bakery.
14:30 Begins wandering over to Dr. Xu's Clinic.
17:30 Arrives at Dr. Xu's Clinic and heads inside]]
18:00 Leaves Dr. Xu's Clinic.
21:00 Arrives by The Round Table, turns around and heads home

Time Location
8:00 Gets On Horse and starts down the ramp from the Civil Corps building.
9:00 Reaches bottom of stairs at Central Plaza and leaves town through the gate.
10:30 Arrives by the river
11:00 Begins patrolling river.
13:30 Stops patrolling and walks towards Peach Plaza.
17:30 Visits the park
18:15 Enters The Round Table. She spends her time wandering around the restaurant and Django's Gaming Hall.
0:15 Leaves The Round Table and walks home, going through the park, up the stairs, and next to Gale's home.
2:00 Enters her home.

Time Location

Marrying Sam will cause her to move in to the Workshop, like other spouses. She will get up at the same time as the player, and will sometimes prepare a meal for them. She returns home around 20:00, and goes to sleep around 22:00.

Time Location


Sam is one of the potential bachelorettes that the player can romance.

Upon reaching Friend status at four full hearts, the player can confess their love to her with a Heart Knot. If the confession is successful, her relationship status changes to Girlfriend. After Sam has become the player's girlfriend, upon reaching Lover status at eight full hearts, the player can then propose to her with a Wedding Ring. If the proposal is successful, her relationship status changes to Wife. Once certain other conditions have been met, Sam and the player can then try for children.

Additionally, upon meeting certain relationship levels, certain perks are rewarded.


Buddy StarStarStar 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2
Add an extra 5% Resilience.
Friend StarStarStarStarStar 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2
Add an extra 5% Resilience.
Lover HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2
Add an extra 10% Resilience.
Wife HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2 +
Commissions at the Civil Corps take less time to complete

Social InteractionsEdit

Interactions: Social talk Social gift Desire head icon Social spar Social Invitation Social play Social date Social Dine Social interact Social photo Social Ride Social confession Social propose Social Relic Trade Social mission

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Social talk ChatEdit

First meeting
  • Sam ED 001
    Hey there. Haven't seen you around. Where you from?
  • Sam ED 002
    Yo kid, lookin' good! Be careful in the ruins, don't expect me to save your butt every time, 'kay?
  • Social talk Before I call him Captain Arrow because it feels warmer. But he didn't quite like the formality.

  • Social talk The end of boredom!
  • Social talk Hey, let's start.
  • Social talk Let see what you got.
  • Social talk This sister is ready to rumble!
  • Social talk Let's see who's gonna win this time.
  • Social talk Ok, let's have another round.
  • Social talk Don't cry for your mommy when you get hurt.
  • Social talk I won't beat you too badly.
  • Social talk Another round?
  • Social talk Fine by me.
  • Social talk I'll not going to go soft on you.
  • Social talk You are too young.
  • Social talk Give up?
  • Social talk You need more practice.
  • Social talk Maybe try to beat me next time.
  • Social talk Don't worry, there won't be any scars.
  • Social talk A good night's rest will fix all the hurtin'.
  • Social talk Come challenge me again sometime.
  • Social talk That was pretty close.
  • Social talk Go home and take a break.
  • Social talk You need more practice.
  • Social talk That was too close.
  • Social talk Wow, you really pushed me there.
  • Social talk I really lost?
  • Social talk Not bad, not bad!
  • Social talk I'm going for the win next time.
  • Social talk Let's try again.
  • Social talk Now you've done it!
  • Social talk Did you learn some moves from Arlo?
  • Social talk Hey, that really hurts.
  • Social talk I'm bleeding...
  • Social talk Not bad at all, wanna join us?
  • Social talk I'm going to go take a break.
  • Social talk Impressive. Most impressive!
  • Social talk Oh, defeat...
  • Social talk I'm getting a little tired...
  • Social talk You are the most powerful opponent I've ever met!
  • Social talk I lost...
  • Social talk Ah, ow, ow, ow!
  • Social talk Why are you so strong?
  • Social talk I'm going for the win next time.

Talk about favorite foods
  • Social talk Pumpkin Steamed Rice is really delicious!
  • Social talk You know, I think Coffee is too bitter no matter how much milk and sugar I put in.
  • Social talk Instead of spaghetti, I'd rather have steamed, stewed, baked, or fried rice.
  • Social talk You know, the Baked Rice with Coconut Chicken is really good! It's got fried chicken on top of white rice, layered with rich coconut sauce, so tasty!
  • Social talk I know people say the Holly Tea is good for the body and mind, but wow is it bitter! I just can't take it!
Ask about work
  • (As the only girl in the Civil Corps, have you ever been given any special treatment?) Social talk Everyone's treated the same in the Corps, no matter the gender. I don't think it matters to a monster whether I'm a girl or not when it's aiming for my throat.
  • (How's life in the Civil Corps?)
    • Social talk I really like it. In the Civil Corps, I can actually use my power to do some good. Arlo and Remington are also good friends to have.
      • (You seem very reliable.)
        • Social talk You betcha!
      • (Please be my person bodyguard!)
        • Social talk Haha, you can't afford me!
Casual talk
  • Social talk Atara has very high standards for its citizens, I went and left soon after.
  • Social talk When I left Lucien I went to Atara and then Sandrock. They're all very unique, but Portia is the only place that made me feel at home.
  • (You look so cool and collected at all times!)
    • Social talk You know, I wasn't always like this. I was a cry baby when I was little, then one day it just clicked.
  • (You're doing a great job protecting Portia.)
    • Social talk I'm just happy I can do something for Portia. It's a special place.

  • Social talk Go check out Alice's flower shop sometimes. It ain't easy raising her brother alone.
  • Social talk Arlo and Remington often discuss the balance between offense and defense. I think both are important. Just need to be spontaneous about it. Right little fellow?
  • Social talk Phyllis is my best friend. I like how she's very enthusiastic about medicine. But people tend to misunderstand her appearance.
  • Social talk You have to be stronger to protect people that are important to you. Not just physically, but mentally too.
  • Social talk Looking back our family left Lucien to settle in Portia, I worked hard to join the Civil Corps to protect my family. Now they've settled in Portia.

  • Social talk Hey little fellow, wanna go explore? I can protect you.
  • Social talk Hey I just got some free time now. I think we can go out more.
  • Social talk I spent most of my time to train martial arts. I will do more housework from now on.
  • Social talk I'm not the nice and domestic type. Thank you for putting up with me.

Winter Solstice
  • Social talk Dang this is a big pot, where did they dig this up? Whatever, you've gotta try it! It makes you feel like it's summer, hahaha.

  • Social talk Remington's feet always hurt in the winter, so cold days are not good days for him. I gotta take care of him.

Social gift GiftEdit

Console Note
The information below pertains to the PC version of My Time at Portia, and may differ from the console versions. Additionally, console-specific information may change in future updates.
Comments: Gifting values on non-universal gifts may currently be different on consoles.

Giving gifts to Sam affects the player's relationship with Sam. Every character has unique gift preferences.


  • Every giftable item, except for the items below, will have a Neutral (+1) effect when given to Sam.
  • Gifts given on festival days and on Sam's birthday will earn the player 2x and 3x relationship points, respectively, and will show a unique dialogue.
  • Values listed below are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra 1-2 points.
  • Sam doesn't care for Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, or Asteria (Bouquet), unlike most
  • It is not confirmed yet whether Sam cares for Power Stone!
Social gift Gifting Items
Love      +25
Love      +20
Love      +15
Love      +12
Love        +10
Like        +8
Like        +3
Like        +2
Dislike        -1
Dislike        -2
Hate        -5
Listed values are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra point.

Gift values displayed on this chart are for the PC release of My Time at Portia and may not apply to the console releases.

Desire head icon DesiresEdit

The following items are desires, or wishes, which are randomly assigned to one or two NPCs per week. In the event that Sam has a desire, gifting the wanted item will provide the higher tier points; otherwise, on non-desired events, the item gives the base point value. Some NPCs may desire an item that they do not normally like. The following items are desires, which are randomly assigned to one or two NPCs per week. In the event that this NPC has a desire, gifting the wanted item will provide the higher tier points; otherwise, on non-desired events, the item gives the base point value.

Desire head icon Desires
Desire icon
Waist PackWaist Pack
Desire icon
Shrimp and Cheese on RiceShrimp and Cheese on Rice
Desire icon
Special Salmon Fried RiceSpecial Salmon Fried Rice

Social spar SparEdit

Sam can spar with the player up to three times per day.

Note that the level in the table below is Sam's base level at the start of the game. Sam's actual level can be higher because Sam will level up over time.

Social spar
Level: 25
Relationship Rewards/losses
Round 1 2 3
Player Win
Prompt happy
Prompt happy
Prompt happy
Gols Gols
Apple Apple
Baked Bread Baked Bread
Herbal Juice Herbal Juice
Herbal Mixture Herbal Mixture
Herbs Herbs
Roasted Meat Roasted Meat
Player Lose
Prompt happy
Prompt happy
Prompt sad

Social photo PhotoEdit

Below is a gallery of Sam's poses in group photos.


Social Invitation InvitationEdit

Occasionally, first thing in the morning, the player may leave their house to find Sam outside, hoping to invite the player out for a date or play date.

Social play PlayEdit

Once the player has become buddies with Sam, they can schedule a play date together.

Social date DateEdit

After the player has successfully confessed how they feel to Sam, the player can schedule a romantic date with Sam.

If the player chooses to dine at The Round Table with Sam during a play date or date, it is recommended to order dishes Sam will like. If asked before ordering, Sam will sometimes tell the player exactly which dishes to order; other times, Sam will just give little hints. In the event that Sam does not specify the exact foods desired, the player should order between three and six dishes, depending on what hint Sam gives. It is recommended to order each of those dishes from different courses, ex. ordering one Appetizer, Meat, Vegetable, Dessert, and Drink course each, rather than five Desserts.

Sam's food preferences are:

Play date eat Dining
Prompt happy
Prompt sad
Menu icon appetizer
Menu icon main course
Main Course
Menu icon meat
Menu icon vegetable
Menu icon dessert
Menu icon drink

Social interact InteractEdit

As the player develops their relationship with Sam, special interactions are unlocked, including Hug and Kiss.

Social Relic Trade Relic TradeEdit

ConstructThis article or section is a stub. You can help expand it. Comments: Needs relic trade information
Sam occasionally uses the Relic Pieces Exchange board at the Museum to trade for relic pieces. Sam likes to look at particular completed relics, so after the player has donated such relics to the Museum or displayed them in their yard, Sam may come visit the Museum or the player's yard to view these relics. Such visits will earn the player relationship points each time, with the amount dependent upon the relic.
Social Relic Trade
Relic Trade
Points Relics
Requested Pieces +30
Favorite Exhibits +???
Summer Doll
Summer Doll

Social mission MissionsEdit

Sparring Buddies
Sam wants to train. Spar with her!
A Mysterious Lunch Fairy
Someone put some healthy food in Sam's lunch. She wants to know who did it. Help her investigate.
The Missing Boxing Gloves
Sam lost her boxing gloves during a patrol in around Central Plaza. Help her find it.

Romance missionsEdit

These missions are only available if the player romances Sam.

The Lucky Charm
A very important item belonging to Sam was lost in the WoW Industries ruins. Join Sam and help her search for it.

Trivia Edit


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