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Sandrock is a resource rich city, it's located on top of an ancient megatropolis. But due to a lack of water, their population is low. Portia supplies much of their water.
— Lucy, teacher at Portia's school

Sandrock is a city bordering Portia. It is a member of the Alliance of Free Cities. It also shares borders with Atara, Walnut Groove, and Highwind.

The city is extraordinarily hot and dry. The people there make and export Fire Stone, Eye of the Tiger, Sand Tea, and earthenware like Ceramic Jugs.



Connections to PortiaEdit

Not much is known about Sandrock besides the following:

  • Portia exports water to Sandrock as a part of their trading relationship.
  • During the Mission: Long-Haul Bus, the player has the opportunity to help develop a new bus route that brings tourists to and from Portia. The player can then see and interact with the tourists as they wander around town.
  • Mint has been there a few times.
  • Siwa once considered moving there.
  • Albert visits Sandrock often. He comes back from a business trip there as a part of Mission: Perfect Appearance.
  • Paulie has clients from there.
  • Mei picked up her hat in Sandrock.

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