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The two largest nations in the known world are Duvos and Seesai. The Alliance has good relations with Seesai and somewhat strained relations with Duvos.
— Lucy teaching at Portia School

Seesai is one of the two largest nations in the world (the other being Duvos). It is not visible on the Alliance of Free Cities' map and its precise location is unknown, though it can be reached from Portia via the Western Sea.[1] The state's capital city is Lunan.


The Alliance of Free Cities has a good diplomatic relationship with Seesai. Seesai's relationship with Duvos, however, is extremely tenuous. During the events of the game, the Portia Times reports some news about the conflict, including raised tensions as Duvos begins sending its soldiers into Ethea and other states. Seesai is very vocal in condemning actions like these, though they don't seem very willing to send their own soldiers in to defend other states, preferring a diplomatic solution instead.


Portrait Xu Master

Xu with, presumably, his master

The language of Seesai is known as Seesaian, which Dr. Xu is fluent in. Some aspects of Seesaian culture differs from that of the Free Cities, though Dr. Xu enjoyed his time there.[2]


Seesai hosts an annual ice sculpting festival in Winter.[3]

Connections to Portia[]

Seesai is known for many things among the citizens of Portia.

News Reports[]

The following is a story published in the Portia Times:

The Kingdom of Seesai warned the Empire of Duvos today against raising tensions in Ethea's Orzu Ruins region. First Minister Ma-lei said in a statement: "Seesai is fundamentally against any state that takes aggressive action against other states. In this case, it is clear for all to see that Duvos has once again blatantly disregarded inter-state rules and violated the sovereignty of Ethea. We strongly denounce this action and demand that Duvos troops immediately withdraw to their own territory."

Seesai has its own border disputes with Duvos, though both sides vowed to peacefully resolve the issues in recent years. Seesai is also a major economic partner of Ethea.

When asked, the First Minster said there are no current plans to deploy the Seesain military against Duvos if the border situation at Orzu continues.
— The Portia Times, "Seesai Warns Duvos" by Dispatch from Seesai Capital Lunan, reported by Jumon


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  3. "Seesai has an ice sculpting festival. I collaborated with some local craftsmen before. Ice sculptures are beautiful. They have some amazing crafting talents as well." - Gust during Winter