Sentidog T-45s are monsters that can be hunted for loot.

Spawning Edit

Level 38 Sentidog T-45s can be found in the Computer Lab Ruin on the Western Plateau during Adventures with Mali.

Level 40 Sentidog T-45s spawn on Floors 61-89 of the Deepest Ruin.

Behavior Edit

Sentidog T-45s have three main melee attacks, all of which have fair range, and are also fairly fast.

  • Firstly, an overhead tail whip.
  • Secondly, a horizontal tail whip.
  • Lastly, a jump, into an overhead tail whip.

All of these attacks do fairly low damage, when compared to creatures of a similar level or point in the story.

Drops Edit

Levels ExpExp Items
38 180 Carbon Steel BarCarbon Steel Bar (50%)
Industrial EngineIndustrial Engine (16%)
Small Silicon ChipSmall Silicon Chip (16%)
40 200 Copper WireCopper Wire (1)
Advanced EngineAdvanced Engine (25%)

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