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The toxic Sewage Plant Hazardous Ruin is located past in the northeast inner city of Portia, gated off within the Collapsed Wasteland. This ruin features many toxic enemies, noxious gas jets, and green, acidic water that causes damage for every second of contact.


Main article: Mission: Hazardous Ruins

To enter the Sewage Plant, the player needs to approach the Collapsed Wasteland gates, prompting Mission: Hazardous Ruins.

The player must prove their strength by sparring with a Civil Corps member and surviving until the timer runs out. This does not require the player to win the fight, but to merely survive. Sam has the lowest level and is readily available to fight after the cutscene ends, while Remington, while a high level, hits slow and is easy to dodge. Either of them are generally easier to survive against than Arlo, who has the highest level and is considered one of the most difficult people in Portia to fight.


Upon entering the Sewage Plant, the player is prompted to pick which level they wish to challenge. They must conquer each level before attempting the next, but can re-visit beaten levels at any time, including multiple times per day.

Sewage Plant
Recommended Player Level Time Consumed Attempts Allowed Guaranteed Loot
Sewage Plant Level 1
Level 1
Lv.10~Lv.15 3h 0min 3
Sewage Plant Level 2
Level 2
Lv.15~Lv.18 3h 0min 3
Sewage Plant Level 3, 4
Level 3
Lv.18~Lv.21 4h 0min 2
Sewage Plant Level 3, 4
Level 4
Lv.22~Lv.24 5h 0min 1

Monsters Edit

Sewage Plant Ruins Platforming

Platforming level

Sewage Plant Ruins Boss Arena

Boss Arena

Level 1Edit

The upper level enemies include Plierimps, Slow Gooeys, and Jump Dancers.

  • Plierimps jump evasively and do melee damage with their heavy pliers.
  • Slow Gooeys are virtually stationary, but spew clouds of poisonous gas.
  • Jump Dancers leap and deliver venomous bites.

Level 2Edit

The second level contains Plierimps, Masked Fiends, and Jump Dancers.

  • Masked Fiends stay stationary and shoot poisonous darts that can poison on impact.

Level 3Edit

The third level adds Bandirats to the above lineup.

  • Bandirats run forward and do straightforward melee damage.

Level 4Edit

The lower level enemies are Plierimps, Masked Fiends, Bandirats, and Redrats.

  • Redrats stay mostly stationary and hurl fiery canisters or blow streams of fire at the player.


Main article: Chemical Dropout

Each level houses a Chemical Dropout in the final room.

Chemical Dropout levels
Ruin Level Boss Level
Level 1 Level 17
Level 2 Level 19
Level 3 Level 22
Level 4 Level 25

Hazards Edit

There are two hazards pertaining to sludge, and two pertaining to boulder traps found within the Sewage Plant.

Sludge Edit

Firstly, there are the pools, tanks and canals filled with sludge. This sludge does 1% of the Builder's maximum health per second in poison damage, while they stand in it.

Secondly, there are sludge jets found in various places. While the hitbox for the jet is actually rather small compared to how it looks, the debuff the jets cause on contact is particularly powerful. This poison debuff deals 10% of the Builder's maximum health, per second, for eight seconds.

Boulder Traps Edit

Firstly, some rooms will have a ramp that boulders roll down.

Secondly, some rooms have trap floor tiles, which will cause a boulder to fall from the ceiling, and roll around the room for a short time, before it despawns.

Both traps can deal considerable damage, especially when they get the chance to hit the Builder multiple times, in a short window of time.


Loot commonly dropped by monsters includes Copper Wire, Old Parts, Tempering Liquid, Venom, Teeth, Copper Bar, and Gols.


Chests offer Blood Stones and rare technological materials such as Small Engines, Lubricant, Data Discs, Small Silicon Chips, Springs, Valves, and Simple Circuits. It can also yield Blade of Malice (Book).

First time rewardsEdit

Killing the Boss on each level for the first time will reward the player with a one-time loot items instead of the items shown in the overview table above. Of those one-time drops, Lion's Claws is the only unique item that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Sewage Plant
First Time Reward
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4


  • If the player enters the Sewage Plant on a date or play date the character they are on a date or play date with will follow. When inside the character will actively help the player fight and will get 8-12 Mood point bonus after the player completes a level by killing a Chemical Dropout. Some characters, most notably Aadit and Ginger, will not fight and will simply follow the player, but will still get the Mood boost for defeating the boss. Other characters like Civil Corps members, Russo, or even Gust are relatively skilled fighters and can be very helpful while clearing the ruin, especially for lower leveled players. Taking a date or play date to the Sewage Plant costs no action points.
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