It's very handy for cutting down bushes and small trees.

Obtaining Edit

Can be crafted at the Worktable LV1 under the Equipment tab.

Worktable Worktable
Item Worktable Level Materials
Simple Axe
Simple Axe
5 Wood
8 Stone

Can also be purchased at Total Tools ran by Mars.

Total Tools ico Total Tools
Item Amount Price
Simple Axe
Simple Axe
1 52 Gols

Usage Edit

A Simple Axe is one of the items you are asked to create in Mission: The Builder Test. It's used for gathering resources. After level five, the player can upgrade it to a Bronze Axe

Worktable Worktable
Item Materials
Bronze AxeBronze Axe

Bronze Axe
Simple AxeSimple Axe

1 Simple Axe
Bronze BarBronze Bar

3 Bronze Bar
Upgrade KitUpgrade Kit

1 Upgrade Kit