Description Edit

Easy to apply, acts quickly to stop the bleeding.

Obtaining Edit

Dr. Xu's Clinic ico Dr. Xu's Clinic
Item Amount Price
Simple OintmentSimple Ointment

Simple Ointment
10 50Gols

Worktable Worktable
Item Level Materials
Simple OintmentSimple Ointment
Simple Ointment
Herbal JuiceHerbal Juice

2 Herbal Juice

3 Cotton

Usage Edit

When the player is running low on HP(Hit Points) they can consume a Simple Ointment to recover their health.

Trivia Edit

The Simple Ointment and Herbal Mixture are the only items in the Gift tab that are Consumables.

Gifting Edit

Data taken from game assets, game version 1.0. Listed values are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra 1-2 points.

Social gift Gifting
Prompt happy
Like +6 PhyllisXu

All other characters will default to Neutral (+1).