Snowball Battle
Snowball location

Snowball Battle location

The Snowball Battle is a festival that challenges the citizens to a snowball fight. The Snowball Battle occurs on Winter on Friday, Day 12, and Saturday, Day 13. Located east of the player's workshop, the event begins at 8:00 and ends at 15:00.


  • The player can interact with the rock barricade closest to the gift exchange to begin the event.
    • A total of three rounds can be played before the event ends.
  • The player indirectly challenges the other participants in a spot at the scoreboard.
  • The player is given 25 snowballs and must successfully hit one of the targets that are exposed from the opposite side.
    • Targets do not fight back, but they hide behind rock barricades. These targets occasionally pop out of their barricade for a chance to be hit.
    • The further the target, the greater the points.
      • Smaller targets tend to give more points.
  • If the player misses, they are given no points.
  • At the end of the round, the total number of points are added to the scoreboard.
    • After three rounds, the scoreboard is tallied, and the top three participants are given rewards, including Snowball Battle Badges: highest points have better rewards.


  • The target hitboxes are very small and the villagers do not stay exposed for long, so the player will have to aim quickly and precisely to hit their targets before they hide
  • Snowballs take longer to travel the further the player aims
  • When an NPC bobs nervously above the barrier, they do not stay above it very long, whereas when an NPC is stationary, they stay up longer but are worth less points
  • NPCs will occasionally attempt to fake out the player by popping out of hiding, then very quickly hiding again


The possible rewards for each day differ.

Day 1Edit

Snowball Battle BadgeSnowball Battle Badge Snowball Battle Rewards (Day 1)
Ranking Reward
Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3

Day 2Edit

Snowball Battle BadgeSnowball Battle Badge Snowball Battle Rewards (Day 2)
Ranking Reward
Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3

Gift exchangeEdit

Snowball Battle Badges earned at the event can be used to purchase items at the cash register near the Snowball Battle field or at the Gift Exchange at the Commerce Guild.

Gift Exchange icoGift Exchange Gift Exchange
Item Name Amount Price
Snowman with a Red ScarfSnowman with a Red Scarf Snowman with a Red Scarf 5 5 Snowball Battle Badge
Rabbit SnowmanRabbit Snowman Rabbit Snowman 5 5 Snowball Battle Badge
Pointy Nosed SnowmanPointy Nosed Snowman Pointy Nosed Snowman 5 5 Snowball Battle Badge
Solstice TreeSolstice Tree Solstice Tree 5 30 Snowball Battle Badge
Frosty HatFrosty Hat Frosty Hat 1 25 Snowball Battle Badge
Frosty Coat (Marco)Frosty CoatFrosty Coat (Linda)Frosty Coat Frosty Coat 1 40 Snowball Battle Badge
Frosty Trousers (Marco)Frosty TrousersFrosty Trousers (Linda)Frosty Trousers Frosty Trousers 1 50 Snowball Battle Badge
Snowball Fighter FlagSnowball Fighter Flag Snowball Fighter Flag 1 25 Snowball Battle Badge

Social talk Festival Dialogue Edit

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  • There is one additional snowball fight on the day of the Winter Solstice after 15:00. This final snowball fight is the last festival event the player can participate in until the next year begins. Participating in this Winter Solstice snowball battle awards the player the following:
Snowball Battle BadgeSnowball Battle Badge Snowball Battle Rewards (Winter Solstice) verify ]
Ranking Reward
Any verify ]


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