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South Block Trade Post is a shop and trading post housed within Yeye's Motel in South Block. It opens when the player finishes the South Block questline.

Shop Edit

The shop in the South Block is run by Yeye and can be accessed by interacting with a cash register inside the motel. It is a normal shop and does not correspond to the Trading Post.

Relationship discountEdit

The player can get up to 25% discount while shopping at the South Block Trade Post if they become friends with Yeye.


South Block Trade Post icoSouth Block Trade Post South Block Trade Store
Item Name Amount Price
CheeseCheese Cheese 99 100 Gols
Sand TeaSand Tea Sand Tea 99 60 Gols
Ceramic JugCeramic Jug Ceramic Jug 99 400 Gols
Fire StoneFire Stone Fire Stone 20 600 Gols
Eye of the TigerEye of the Tiger Eye of the Tiger 10 1,000 Gols
Golden GinsengGolden Ginseng Golden Ginseng 5 1,000 Gols
Military EngineMilitary Engine Military Engine 1 3 Advanced Engine
Invitation LetterInvitation Letter Invitation Letter 99 80 Gols
Banquet TableBanquet Table Banquet Table 1 10,000 Gols
Banquet Table (Book)Banquet Table (Book) Banquet Table 1 1,000 Gols
ChainsawChainsaw Chainsaw 1 5,000 Gols


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South Block Trade Post will purchase the following items from the player:


To the right of the shop register is a board where the player can fulfill weekly orders from other cities for various crops, livestock or livestock produce, and materials in exchange for Gols. Prices and requested items/quantities vary from week to week. The player can pick up to 10 different items from the available requests, and can choose how many of each item they want to sell. Note: The order fulfillment won't be fully posted until the player confirms by selecting post. Just selecting an item amount is not enough. To double check, the player can interact with the board again. If the items are there, the order fulfillment is fully posted.

The day after setting their order on the billboard, a small wagon will be set outside the Workshop for the player to drop off their order. Players must fulfill the order on time, else they will be penalized each time they fail by being able to take less and less orders in the future.

Interacting with the wagon will display the items promised, the amounts, and the number of days left to fulfill the order. The player will need to have the items in their inventory, as the wagon cannot interact with chests in your workshop. Increase the quantity of each item to what was promised and then hit the delivery button to finish the order. Partial orders can't be submitted and once an order is marked as delivered, the player will not get another opportunity to submit the rest of the order. There is a confirmation before submitting the delivery. Once delivery is confirmed, there is a short cutscene of someone taking the wagon. The player receives the payment immediately.

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