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Kicking a tree uses stamina

Stamina is an Attribute that allows the player to exert physical force at the expense of using energy, or stamina points (SP or Stamina Points).

Gathering, using tools, kicking, and the like use stamina points. Consuming all stamina points renders the player incapable of using such physical force until they have rested or has eaten food that replenishes stamina points. Leveling up increases the maximum number of stamina points the player can use.

With all bonuses, the maximum possible amount of stamina is 685 Stamina Points.

Using stamina[]

Stamina points are consumed by performing the following actions:

  • Kicking trees (2 points)
  • Gathering (2 points)
  • Using tools:
  • Axe (2-5 points, depending on the level of axe being used)
  • Pickaxe (2-5 points, depending of the level of pickaxe being used)
  • Fishing (6 points)
  • Using weapons:
  • Sword (1 point)

Restoring stamina[]

Resting in bed will fully restore all stamina points, though only after repairing the workshop's damaged floors in the unmentioned mission, Fixing the House. Otherwise, the player will awaken with stamina points not fully restored. However, sleeping will advance time to the next morning.

If the player wishes to continue their day without going to bed yet, other options include:

The player also gets a small amount of stamina back when riding a Dee Dee transport (dependant on the journey length).

Increasing stamina[]

There are several ways of increasing maximum Stamina.

As the player levels up, all of their stats will permanently increase, though base Stamina caps at 300 Stamina Points at level 21.

Wearing certain equipment and accessories can bolster stamina past the 300 base cap. Such items can be crafted, bought from Carol's Clothing Store or the Mysterious Man, exchanged for at the Gift Exchange, obtained as rewards, looted from monsters, or obtained through other means.

The player may also place Furniture in the Workshop that increase stamina. If multiples of the same item are placed, the stat boosts will stack. There is a cap to the amount each stat can be boosted with furniture, though the cap can be increased by upgrading the House at A&G Construction.


Certain Skills can also affect maximum Stamina or Stamina consumption and efficiency, whether it is by leveling up faster, reducing how much stamina it takes to use a tool, increasing attack so that less stamina is spent per fight, or simply making items drop more frequently so the player reaps more materials with less effort.

Battle Skills Levels Effect
Tier 1
Skill Battle Intensive Training
Intensive Training
5 Experience gained increase by 5% Arrow right 10% Arrow right 15% Arrow right 20% Arrow right 25% *
Tier 2
Skill Battle Strike
4 Damage increases by 12% Arrow right 24% Arrow right 36% Arrow right 48%
Tier 3
Skill Battle Aggressive Stance
Aggressive Stance
4 For every 1% decrease in health, increase Damage by 0.2% Arrow right 0.4% Arrow right 0.6% Arrow right 0.8%
Tier 4
Skill Battle Loot
4 Chances of double-loot increases by 5% Arrow right 10% Arrow right 15% Arrow right 20%
Skill Battle Healer
3 Recovery effect increases by 8% Arrow right 16% Arrow right 24% when using recovery items
Tier 5
Skill Battle Precision Strike
Precision Strike
1 Increase critical damage with a ranged weapon by 50%
Skill Battle Fatal Strike
Fatal Strike
1 Increase critical damage with a melee weapon by 50%
Gather Skills Levels Effect
Tier 1
Skill Gather Mastery of Axe
Mastery of Axe
2 Stamina cost decreases by 25% Arrow right 50% when using axe
Skill Gather Mastery of Pickaxe
Mastery of Pickaxe
2 Stamina cost decreases by 25% Arrow right 50% when using pickaxe
Skill Gather Luck is on my side
Luck is on my side
5 Tree kicking and harvesting activities has 6% Arrow right 12% Arrow right 18% Arrow right 24% Arrow right 30% chance to give double loot.
Tier 2
Skill Gather Advanced Lumbering
Advanced Lumbering
3 8 Arrow right 16% Arrow right 24% chance of double drops when lumbering
Skill Gather Advanced Mining
Advanced Mining
3 8 Arrow right 16% Arrow right 24% chance of double drops when mining
Skill Gather Power Up
Power Up
4 Maximum stamina increases by 2% Arrow right 4% Arrow right 6% Arrow right 8%
Tier 3
Fish Encyclopedia
Fish Encyclopedia
1 Identify fish before fishing
Tier 4
Skill Gather Master of livestock cultivation
Master of livestock cultivation
4 Increase the effectiveness of petting in the barn *
Skill Gather Expert Electrician
Expert Electrician
4 Increase the damage dealt by drills and chainsaws by 10% Arrow right 20% Arrow right 30% Arrow right 40%
Tier 5
Skill Gather Charm Overload
Charm Overload
1 Increase the chance to get a rare item from the quarry by 100%


  • As of Alpha 3.0, sprinting and dodge rolling no longer consume stamina points. Endurance was added to allow the player to sprint and roll.
  • The player does not have to own a bed to restore Stamina Points at the end of the day. At 3:00 the player blacks out and is transported back to their home with health and stamina fully restored even if they do not have a bed placed there.