Starlight Island is an island off the southern coast of Portia. The island becomes accessible once the player has completed A Boat to Starlight.


Starlight Island serves as the main premise for the Adventure on Starlight Island. The island itself is home to a ruin which remains inaccessible after the mission is completed.

Places of interestsEdit

Starlight Island has one area of interest:


Map Icon Fishing Spot A fishing spot is located to the north of Starlight Island.

The Starlight Island fishing spot is just west of the starting dock, about midway across the north end of the island. Because of how far away the fishing spot is from land but the fact that the Gladiator Fish is by far the most common fish found at this fishing spot, this fishing spot is a difficult to get to but can still be profitable. The player can fish here after completing the mission Adventure on Starlight Island. This fishing spot can be reached in a fairly short time with the aid of the Portia Harbor Dee-Dee Stop and/or a horse.

Starlight Island Fishing Spot
Item Name Sell Price Time to Catch Exp Catch Chance
Gladiator FishGladiator Fish Gladiator Fish 280 Gols 45 min. 200 40.89%
Koi FishKoi Fish Koi Fish 40 Gols 10 min. 120 40.89%
Shell NecklaceShell Necklace Shell Necklace 13 Gols <10 min. 0 5%
Emperor Gladiator FishEmperor Gladiator Fish Emperor Gladiator Fish 560 Gols 50 min. 400 4.09%
Emperor Koi FishEmperor Koi Fish Emperor Koi Fish 80 Gols 24 min. 240 4.09%
RacketRacket Racket 10 Gols <10 min. 0 2.5%
Gladiator Fish KingGladiator Fish King Gladiator Fish King 5000 Gols 40 min. 500 1.02%
Koi KingKoi King Koi King 5000 Gols 40 min. 500 1.02%
Crystal NecklaceCrystal Necklace Crystal Necklace 27 Gols <10 min. 0 0.5%


Starlight Island contains various exclusive items not normally found elsewhere in Portia.


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