Items can be stored in the player's Inventory or in furniture. Most storage-type pieces of furniture can hold a given number of items, and a handful of them can hold many items.

Using storageEdit

Inventory Slot Empty

Empty storage box slot

Icon Chest Slot Unavailable

Storage slot unavailable

Storage boxes are used for storing other items. Each storage slot in the boxes can take a stack of up to 999 of the same item. The items placed in a box are not visible from the outside.

Once a box is placed in the player's Workshop it can be dyed using Pigments or renamed.


All Storage Boxes in your yard can be managed by the storage drop-down interface from each storage. The Worktable, Assembly Station, and production machines can all consume items directly from the Storage Boxes.
Loading screen tip
If you press the "Sort All" button in your Inventory, you can sort all identical items into a storage box at once.
Loading screen tip

The contents of every storage box are accessible to the player when crafting at the Worktable or any other station. The player can also access the contents of all of their storage boxes by interacting with any of them and using the storage drop-down interface. The boxes in the list are sorted by their name alphabetically.

The player can sort the items in their inventory into their storage boxes automatically by pressing the "Sort All" button on the storage screen. An item in the player's inventory will be moved into the storage box where at least one identical item is, provided there is enough room in the box to place the new item.

Upgrading the storageEdit

Upgrading a storage box

Upgrading a Wooden Storage to a Metal Storage

The player can replace an in-use storage box with a bigger one by placing a larger box in their active toolbar slot and interacting with the box they want to replace. The new box will keep the name and contents of the old box but not the color.

Upgrading a box will simply replace the smaller box with the bigger box in its place. This saves the player the trouble of moving their smaller box, putting the big box in its place, then having to manually move their items into the bigger box. However, upgrading a box consumes the smaller box (ex. the player will not get their Wooden Storage back if they upgraded it to a Metal Storage).

The player does not need to complete any special missions or meet any requirements in order to be able to upgrade storage boxes, other than being able to craft or buy a bigger box.


Once you have Ack or a spouse, you can give them a dedicated Helper Storage. They will only use items from that storage.
Loading screen tip
Helper's Storage Box is the only storage box which contents are accessible to the player's helper. The player can store the items their helper needs to fulfill various workshop tasks, like feeding farm animals or refueling crafting stations, in the dedicated storage box.

List of storageEdit

The items in the tables below can be placed on the ground anywhere inside the player's house or their yard. The player can interact with a storage box or the following furniture items after placing them to place other items within its storage slots.

Storage boxesEdit

Storage boxes can be crafted by the player using the Worktable. Some storage boxes can also be bought from shops. Storage boxes can store stacks of items, but will not display any of the items placed within them.

Item Name Capacity Recipe source Access by helper Size
Wooden Storage 20 Level 1 Worktable No 1x1
Metal Storage 30 Level 2 Worktable No 1x1
Helper's Storage Box 60 Level 3 Worktable Yes 1x1
Safety Box 60 Portia Museum No 1x1

Furniture storageEdit

Furniture Empty Slot

Furniture storage slot

Some furniture pieces have storage slots that can be used to display other items as decoration, though items cannot provide any stat bonuses when placed in the storage slots. Unlike storage boxes, each furniture storage slot can only store and display a single item at a time, meaning that stacks of items cannot be stored in furniture.

Some storage furniture, like the Moving Closet, Plant Rack, or Weapon Rack, can only store and display certain types of items, while the Television Stand is an even more specialized piece of furniture which can only have the Television relic placed on it.

Item Name Stat bonus Capacity Item types Appearance of contents Size
Banquet Table None 20 Food Table top 8x8 2
Bookshelf Max Icon HP +15 3 Accessories
Small items
On shelves 1x2 1
Cupboard Max Icon HP +18 8 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
On shelves 1x4 1
Dark Coffee Table Max Icon SP +6 2 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
Table top 1x2 2
Dining Table Max Icon SP +6 1 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
Table top 2x2 1
Double Door Wooden Cabinet Attack +4 1 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
On top 1x2 N/A
Double Drawer Max Icon SP +11 1 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
On top 2x2 N/A
File Cabinet Max Icon SP +8 4 Accessories
Small items
On shelves 1x2 1
Large Bookshelf Max Icon SP +12 10 Accessories
Small items
On shelves 1x4 1
Large Office Desk None 3 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
Table top 2x4 N/A
Layered Bookshelf Attack +6 4 Accessories
Small items
On shelves 1x2 N/A
Meeting Table Max Icon HP +24 4 Accessories
Small items
Table top 4x4 2
Mini-Bar Defense +7 5 Accessories
Small items
On counter 1x4 1
Moving Closet None 12 Clothing Inside 1x4 1
Multi-purpose Tea Table Max Icon SP +4 3 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
Table top 2x4 2
One-legged Dining Table Max Icon SP +16 4 Accessories
Small items
Table top 2x2 1
Plant Rack None 6 Plants On shelves 2x3 N/A
Sandbox Table Defense +16 8 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
Table top 2x3 2
Showcase None 8 Accessories
Small items
On shelves 1x3 N/A
Simple Desk Max Icon HP +8 1 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
Table top 2x3 2
Small Flower Rack Max Icon SP +10 2 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
On top 1x2 N/A
Square Table Defense +14 8 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
Table top 3x4 2
Stone Table Max Icon SP +7 1 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
Table top 2x2 1
Tea Table Max Icon SP +4 1 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
Table top 1x2 1
Television Stand None 1 Television only On top 2x3 1
Weapon Rack None 5 Tools and weapons On top 1x3 1
Wooden Drawers Max Icon HP +10 1 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
On top 1x1 2
Wooden Table Max Icon SP +3 2 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
Table top 2x3 N/A
Work Desk Max Icon SP +9 8 Accessories
Small items
Medium items
Table top 2x4 1

Storable itemsEdit

The following items can be placed inside furniture storage slots as decorations.





Apple Juice Apple Juice
Apricot Juice Apricot Juice
Bacon Fish Roll Bacon Fish Roll
Baked Bread Baked Bread
Bamboo Papaya with Egg-on-Top Bamboo Papaya with Egg-on-Top
Banner Fish Sushi Banner Fish Sushi
Beef Jerky Beef Jerky
Blade Fish Mushroom Soup Blade Fish Mushroom Soup
Bubblefish Soup Bubblefish Soup
Bubblefish Stew Bubblefish Stew
Cheap Soda Cheap Soda
Chicken Risotto with Coconut Chicken Risotto with Coconut
Classic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Classic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Creamy Salmon Stew Creamy Salmon Stew
Crispy Salmon with Sauce Crispy Salmon with Sauce
Delicious Roasted Ribs Delicious Roasted Ribs
Dragon Soup Dragon Soup
Dried Apple Slice Dried Apple Slice
Dried Apricot Dried Apricot
Dried Blade Fish Dried Blade Fish
Fish Porridge Fish Porridge
Fishhead Stewed in Soy Sauce Fishhead Stewed in Soy Sauce
Foie Gras with Orange Foie Gras with Orange
Fried Rice with Radish Fried Rice with Radish
Fruit Salad Fruit Salad
Fruit Tart Fruit Tart
Golden Radish Soup Golden Radish Soup
Herbal Juice Herbal Juice
Lemon Juice Juice
King Salmon Fillet King Salmon Fillet
Meat and Mushrooms Stew Meat and Mushrooms Stew
Meatballs and Vegetable Soup Meatballs and Vegetable Soup
Milk Tea Milk Tea
Mushroom Crepe with Fruit Sauce Mushroom Crepe with Fruit Sauce
Nori Nori
Nori Burrito Nori Burrito
Ocean's Fortune Ocean's Fortune
Power in a Can Power in a Can
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Shrimp Soup Pumpkin Shrimp Soup
Pumpkin Steamed Rice Pumpkin Steamed Rice
Rainbow Jam Rainbow Jam
Rainbow Lemonade Rainbow Lemonade
Red Tea Red Tea
Roasted Meat Roasted Meat
Roasted Pork with Honey Roasted Pork with Honey
Roasted Turkey Roasted Turkey
Salad Sauce Salad Sauce
Salty Grilled Catfish Salty Grilled Catfish
Salty Stew Mix Salty Stew Mix
Sashimi Sashimi
Seafood Noodles Seafood Noodles
Seafood Paella Seafood Paella
Seafood Stew Mix Seafood Stew Mix
Secret Fish King Soup Secret Fish King Soup
Shrimp and Cheese on Rice Shrimp and Cheese on Rice
Smoked Fish Roll Smoked Fish Roll
Smoked Ham Smoked Ham
Smoked Meat Smoked Meat
Spaghetti with Hot Sauce Spaghetti with Hot Sauce
Special Salmon Fried Rice Special Salmon Fried Rice
Spiced Steak Spiced Steak
Spicy Fish Soup Spicy Fish Soup
Spicy Stew Mix Spicy Stew Mix
Spicy Tea Spicy Tea
Steak with Coconut Juice Steak with Coconut Juice
Steamed Potato Fruit Steamed Potato Fruit
Stewed Mushrooms Stewed Mushrooms
Strange Soup Strange Soup
Supremely Spicy Spaghetti Supremely Spicy Spaghetti
Sweet Caviar Sweet Caviar
Sweet Stew Mix Sweet Stew Mix
Tasteless Broth Tasteless Broth
Tasteless Stew Mix Tasteless Stew Mix
Vegetable Salad Vegetable Salad


Celebration Flowers Celebration Flowers
Pot of Asteria Pot of Asteria
Purple Hydrangea Purple Hydrangea
Rainbow Flower Pot Rainbow Flower Pot
Yellow Leaf Yellow Leaf

Tools and weaponsEdit

Small itemsEdit

Advanced Engine Advanced Engine
Agarwood Agarwood
AI Chipset AI Chipset
Aluminum Ore Aluminum Ore
Aluminum Plate Aluminum Plate
Aluminum Wires Aluminum Wires
Ammo Ammo
Animal Bones Animal Bones
Animal Fat Animal Fat
Animal Feces Animal Feces
Animal Skeleton Animal Skeleton
Apology Bear Apology Bear
Apple Apple
Apple on a Stick Apple on a Stick
Apple Tree Seed Apple Tree Seed
Apricot Apricot
Apricot Tree Seed Apricot Tree Seed
Arm Stretcher Arm Stretcher
Aroma Apple Aroma Apple
Asteria (material) Asteria (material)
Autumn Doll Autumn Doll
Autumn Festival Badge Autumn Festival Badge
Balloon Balloon
Bamboo Incense Bamboo Incense
Bamboo Papaya Bamboo Papaya
Bamboo Papaya Seed Bamboo Papaya Seed
Bandage Bandage
Banner Fish Banner Fish
Basic Sewing Machine Basic Sewing Machine
Bat's Wing Bat's Wing
Bear Wishing Lantern Bear Wishing Lantern
Bearing Bearing
Beef Beef
Beginner's Fishing Rod Beginner's Fishing Rod
Bird Nest Bird Nest
Blackberry Blackberry
Blade Fish Blade Fish
Blood Stone Blood Stone
Blue Leather Blue Leather
Blue Mackerel Blue Mackerel
Blueberry Blueberry
Bookmark Bookmark
Bridge Light Bridge Light
Broken Mirror Broken Mirror
Bronze Bar Bronze Bar
Bronze Pipe Bronze Pipe
Bronze Plate Bronze Plate
Broom Broom
Bubble Wand Bubble Wand
Bubblefish Bubblefish
Bunny Wishing Lantern Bunny Wishing Lantern
Busy Farm Busy Farm
Cactus Fruit Cactus Fruit
Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber
Carbon Steel Bar Carbon Steel Bar
Carving Knife Carving Knife
Cassette Box Cassette Box
Cat Tag Cat Tag
Caterpillar Caterpillar
Catfish Catfish
Charcoal Charcoal
Cheese Cheese
Chicken Chicken
Chili Pepper Chili Pepper
Chili Pepper Seed Chili Pepper Seed
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum
Cinnamon Cinnamon
Classic Fishing Rod Classic Fishing Rod
Cloth Cloth
Coconut Coconut
Bag of Gold Coin Bag
Colorful Fur Colorful Fur
Colorful Swimsuit Colorful Swimsuit
Composite Wooden Board Composite Wooden Board
Concrete Concrete
Condensed Power Stone Condensed Power Stone
Control Panel Control Panel
Cooking Master Cooking Master
Cooking Pot Cooking Pot
Copper Bar Copper Bar
Copper Blade Copper Blade
Copper Coil Copper Coil
Copper Ore Copper Ore
Copper Pipe Copper Pipe
Copper Plate Copper Plate
Copper Wire Copper Wire
Coral Coral
Coriander Coriander
Cornball Cornball
Cornball Seed Cornball Seed
Cotton Cotton
Cotton Seed Cotton Seed
Craft Candle Craft Candle
Crafter's Toolbox Crafter's Toolbox
Crystal Crystal
Crystal Chandelier Crystal Chandelier
Crystal Hourglass Crystal Hourglass
Crystella Tree Seed Crystella Tree Seed
Cultivated Soil Cultivated Soil
Cumin Cumin
Data Disc Data Disc
Decocting Pot Decocting Pot
Delicate Fur Delicate Fur
Deluxe Fishing Kit Deluxe Fishing Kit
Desk Lamp Desk Lamp
Diamond Diamond
Diving Helmet Diving Helmet
Dog Food Dog Food
Dog Tag Dog Tag
Dough Dough
Dragon Heart Dragon Heart
Duck on a King Duck on a King
Egg Egg
Elegant Fur Elegant Fur
Exquisite Fountain Pen Exquisite Fountain Pen
Eye Glass Eye Glass
Eye of the Tiger Eye of the Tiger
Eye Patch Eye Patch
Fan Model Fan Model
Feather Duster Feather Duster
Fertilizer Fertilizer
Fiber Cloth Fiber Cloth
Fire Stone Fire Stone
Firefish Firefish
First Aid Kit First Aid Kit
Fish Sub Fish Sub
Fishman's Badge Fisherman's Badge
Five Hundred Creative Designs Five Hundred Creative Designs
Flexible Fiber Flexible Fiber
Floor Brush Floor Brush
Flour Flour
Flower Pot Flower Pot
Flower Scooper Flower Scooper
Flowery Soap Flowery Soap
Fluffy Rabbit Fluffy Rabbit
French Horn French Horn
Frog Fish Frog Fish
Fur Fur
Game Cartridge - Protoform Game Cartridge - Protoform
Gear Gear
Ghost Badge Ghost Badge
Ghost Wishing Lantern Ghost Wishing Lantern
Ginger (ingredient) Ginger (Ingredient)
Gladiator Fish Gladiator Fish
Glass Glass
Golden Ginseng Golden Ginseng
Golden Salmon Golden Salmon
Goliath Goliath
Grinding Blade Grinding Blade
Grinding Saw Grinding Saw
Grinding Stone Grinding Stone
Gunpowder Gunpowder
Desk Lamp Gust's Lamp
Hard Aluminum Hard Aluminum
Hard Shell Hard Shell
Hardened Clay Hardened Clay
Hardwood Hardwood
Hardwood Plank Hardwood Plank
Harmonica Harmonica
Heart Knot Heart Knot
Herbal Mixture Herbal Mixture
Herbs Herbs
Hoister Hoister
Honey Honey
Honeybee Wax Honeybee Wax
Igneous Brick Igneous Brick
Igneous Rock Igneous Rock
Incense Burner Incense Burner
Industrial Core Industrial Core
Invitation Letter Invitation Letter
Iron Bar Iron Bar
Iron Ore Iron Ore
Iron Pan Iron Pan
Iron Wooden Plank Iron Wooden Plank
Ironwood Ironwood
Jet Tube Jet Tube
Journey from the East Journey from the East
Joystick Joystick
Keypad Keypad
Knight Badge Knight Badge
Knight's Shield Knight's Shield
Koi Fish Koi Fish
Lantern Fish Lantern Fish
Large Pipe Large Pipe
Layered Carrot Layered Carrot
Layered Carrot Seed Layered Carrot Seed
Lead Bar Lead Bar
Lead Ore Lead Ore
Leather Leather
Leather Belt Leather Belt
Leather Horn Leather Horn
Legend of the Red Prince Legend of the Red Prince
Lemon Lemon
Lettuce Lettuce
Lettuce Seed Lettuce Seed
Linen Linen
Lobster Claw Lobster Claw
Lobster Meat Lobster Meat
Logic Cube Logic Cube
Lubricant Lubricant
Lucky Chest Lucky Chest
Lucky Sack Lucky Sack
Magic Lamp Magic Lamp
Magnesium Ore Magnesium Ore
Magnesium Powder Magnesium Powder
Magnifying Glass Magnifying Glass
Manganese Ore Manganese Ore
Manganese Steel Bar Manganese Steel Bar
Marble Marble
Marble Plank Marble Plank
Martial Artist's Badge Martial Artist's Badge
Master Fishing Rod Master Fishing Rod
Meat Meat
Merlin's Camera Merlin's Camera
Military Engine Military Engine
Milk Milk
Mop Mop
Mucus Mucus
Multi-function Knife Multi-function Knife
Mustard Mustard
Nitra Tree Seed Nitra Tree Seed
Nitre Nitre
Oil Brush Oil Brush
Old Parts Old Parts
Orange Orange
Painting - Boy Painting: Boy
Painting - Distant Mountains Painting: Distant Mountains
Painting - Girl Painting: Girl
Painting - Kitty Painting: Kitty
Painting - Redstone Painting: Redstone
Painting - Street Painting: Street
Painting - The Lonely Windmill Painting: The Lonely Windmill
Palm Jujube Palm Jujube
Paper Flower Paper Flower
Peach's Amulet Peach's Amulet
Perfect Fur Perfect Fur
Perfume Perfume
Photo Album Photo Album
Pig Tag Pig Tag
Pigments Pigments
Pine Cone Pine Cone
Plant Fiber Plant Fiber
Plunger Plunger
Poison Fang Poison Fang
Poplar Wood Poplar Wood
Porcelain Plate Porcelain Plate
Potato Fruit Potato Fruit
Potato Fruit Seed Potato Fruit Seed
Power Stone Power Stone
Precision Parts Precision Parts
Pulley Pulley
Pumpkin Pumpkin
Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin Seed
Purple Resin Purple Resin
Quality Leather Quality Leather
Racket Racket
Rainbow Flower Rainbow Flower
Rainbow Flower Seed Rainbow Flower Seed
Red Mushroom Red Mushroom
Research Notes Research Notes
Resin Resin
Rice Rice
Rider's Badge Rider's Badge
Rock Salt Rock Salt
Rogue's Headband Rogue's Headband
Roller Brush Roller Brush
Rope Rope
Royal Honey Royal Honey
Rubber Belt Rubber Belt
Rubber Fruit Rubber Fruit
Rubber Tire Rubber Tire
Ruby Ruby
Salt Salt
Sand Sand
Sand Tea Sand Tea
Sapphire Sapphire
Sapphire Photo Frame Sapphire Photo Frame
Seaweed Seaweed
Shaggy Mane Shaggy Mane
Shell Shell
Ship in a Bottle Ship in a Bottle
Silicon Chipset Silicon Chipset
Simple Antidote Simple Antidote
Simple Circuits Simple Circuits
Simple Ointment Simple Ointment
Sisal Seed Sisal Seed
Sleep Mask Sleep Mask
Slingshot Slingshot
Slipper (left) Slipper (left)
Slipper (right) Slipper (right)
Small Bomb Small Bomb
Small Dagger Small Dagger
Small Engine Small Engine
Small Silicon Chip Small Silicon Chip
Smart Console Smart Console
Smiley Face Wishing Lantern Smiley Face Wishing Lantern
Snake Berry Snake Berry
Snake Meat Snake Meat
Snake Skin Snake Skin
Snake's Gallbladder Snake's Gallbladder
Snowball Battle Badge Snowball Battle Badge
Soil Soil
Special Giant Seed Special Giant Seed
Housewarming Gift Set Special Gift Box
Spider's Web Spider's Web
Spines Spines
Spring Spring
Spring Doll Spring Doll
Stainless Aluminum Stainless Aluminum
Steel Ball Steel Ball
Steel Cable Steel Cable
Steel Frame Steel Frame
Steel Plate Steel Plate
Steel Shell Steel Shell
Stone Stone
Stone Brick Stone Brick
Strawberry Strawberry
Strengthened Glass Strengthened Glass
Structural Aesthetics Structural Aesthetics
Structural Dimension Theory Structural Dimension Theory
Succulent Plant Succulent Plant
Sugar Sugar
Sulfate Sulfate
Summer Doll Summer Doll
Sweetheart Cake Sweetheart Cake
Tail Feather Tail Feather
Tea Tea
Tea Set Tea Set
Teapot Teapot
Teeth Teeth
The Lucky Seed The Lucky Seed
Thread Thread
Tin Alloy Tin Alloy
Tin Ore Tin Ore
Titanium Bar Titanium Bar
Titanium Ore Titanium Ore
Titanium Plate Titanium Plate
Topaz Topaz
Tree Sap Tree Sap
Treeheart Treeheart
Typewriter Typewriter
Unknown Recipe Unknown Recipe
Upgrade Kit Upgrade Kit
Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner
Valve Valve
Venom Venom
Venom Dart Venom Dart
Waist Pack Waist Pack
Wasted Food Wasted Food
Water Bucket Water Bucket
Waterproof Cloth Waterproof Cloth
Welding Rod Welding Rod
Wheat Wheat
Wheat Seed Wheat Seed
White Hibiscus Flower White Hibiscus Flower
Wicker Basket Wicker Basket
Wild Cocoon Wild Cocoon
Winter Doll Winter Doll
Wise Fish Wise Fish
Withered Branch Withered Branch
Wood Wood
Wooden Basket Wooden Basket
Wooden Pillar Wooden Pillar
Worn Fur Worn Fur
Wrench Wrench
Yellow Bow Tie Yellow Bow Tie
Yellow Duck Surfboard Yellow Duck Surfboard
Zeolite Zeolite
Zeolora Tree Seed Zeolora Tree Seed

Medium itemsEdit

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