Ancient Computer
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Comments: The Television is not currently available on consoles.
Television is a furniture item used to watch recordings.


Television can be purchased at the following shop:

Store In Stock Price Condition
Mysterious Man icoMysterious Man
Mysterious Man
1 1,000 Gols Complete The Poisoned Water

Usage Edit

Television can be placed in the player's Workshop on top of a Television Stand from A&G Construction and interacted with to view recordings.

List of tapes Edit

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Most of the recordings can be found while mining in Abandoned Ruins.

Removed tapes Edit


  • Item TV
    There is another Television icon in the game files, which may have been a potential design for the current Television.
  • The recordings' video files are located in the %GameDirectory%\Portia_Data\StreamingAssets\Video folder, and can be replaced with other videos (named with the same filenames as those of the original videos) to play the videos in-game.
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