A chemical used to harden materials during tempering processes.

Tempering Liquid is a Material used for crafting.

Obtaining Edit

Can be obtained by killing Plierimps and Chemical Dropout in the Sewage Plant Hazardous Ruins in the Collapsed Wasteland, or found in Abandoned Ruins #3.

Can also be gained as a reward for placing third place or higher in the monthly workshop rating

Crafting Edit

Parts iconParts icon
Item Materials
Strengthened GlassStrengthened Glass

Strengthened Glass
Tempering LiquidTempering Liquid

1 Tempering Liquid

2 Glass
Jumbo TireJumbo Tire

Jumbo Tire
Tempering LiquidTempering Liquid

2 Tempering Liquid
Rubber FruitRubber Fruit

8 Rubber Fruit
Carbon Steel BarCarbon Steel Bar

3 Carbon Steel Bar

Blender iconBlender icon
Item Time Materials
Hardened ClayHardened Clay

Hardened Clay
1h 30min
Tempering LiquidTempering Liquid

2 Tempering Liquid

12 Soil

3 Resin


As of version 9.0.113149, Tempering Liquid is a Universal Neutral (+1).


  • Tempering Liquid is worth stocking up on early on, since it is used in large quantities for a few main story Missions