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The All Source AI

The All Source AI is an intelligent mechanical entity that appears in the late game.

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Personal LifeEdit

The All Source AI's biographical information is very incomplete. During Mission: Talk to All Source she identifies her interface name as Wendy and reveals that she was stationed in Dubei. Like Ack, she was created before the Day of Calamity, but she did not know either Ack or his love-interest, Lara, who was also an AI. Portia was later constructed on the ruins of Dubei.

Wendy describes her work as controlling other AI systems. This makes her unable to reveal advanced technology such as teleportation, since other AIs were tasked with these jobs, and she merely gave instructions for those jobs to be carried out.

When meeting Ack, Wendy mentions that she has not talked to living AIs for more than 330 years. She lost contact with all other living AIs on the Day of Calamity, when Dubei was attacked by orbital rail guns.

It does not have an in-game biography page and it is not possible to obtain more biographical information by befriending the All Source AI.

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The All Source AI does not have a schedule. When first encountered, it is under the control of the Rogue Knight. After the battle, the AI is immobile and can be found at the Research Center.


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She is used as a mount by the Rogue Knight in Mission: The Final Battle where he attacks Portia. After the Rogue Knight's defeat by Django, the player will get a letter from Petra about the All Source AI:

Hey [Player], Can you bring Ack by the Research Center sometimes, we're having a little trouble with All Source. She doesn't seem to believe a lot of what we say. I thought maybe Ack can help. -Petra

Ack succeeds in gaining The All Source AI's trust and it is revealed that it refers to itself as Wendy. Ack reveals that Lara was also an All Souce AI. While interfacing with The All Source AI, Ack discovers that The All Source AI's battery was damaged during the battle, and that it will run out of power. Merlin and Petra decide to replace the dying battery with a new one, triggering Mission: Power for All Source.

Although The All Source AI was used by the Rogue Knight in his attack on Portia, Gale decides that The All Source AI doesn't pose a threat to the town and allows it to remain. When the player requires a Jet Engine for the Builder Bout with Pa, The All Source AI supplies the missing crafting recipe.


A number of main missions involve the player searching for The All Source AI:

Mission: The All Source AI
Mission: Towards All Source
Mission: The Sharks in the Sky

The All Source AI appears in the following missions:

Mission: The Final Battle
Mission: Talk to All Source
Mission: Power for All Source
Mission: The Jet Engine


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