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After you have the diagram, construct the product on the assembly station.


The Driller (Diagram) can be obtained for free from the mail you receive from Mint Mission: The Driller.

Alternatively, the diagram can be bought from the Research Center Exchange for 49 Data Disc after the mission.

  • The Large Drill Tip is a rare item, and it is only possible to replace it from boss drops in Ingall's Mine or the Deepest Ruins. The one received in the mail from Mint should be used in the Eufaulia Desert to progress the storyline.


The Driller (Diagram) can be used to learn how to make The Driller.

Assembly Station
Item Materials

The Driller

1 Large Drill Tip

3 Industrial Engine

3 Steel Shell

2 Rubber Tire

2 Jumbo Tire

2 Control Panel

1 Single Seat


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