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Total Tools is where Mars makes his living. You can upgrade important items and purchase weapons and tools from there.
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Total Tools is the store located in the Central Plaza under the Total Tools sign. It is owned by Mars, who shares a storefront with the Clothing Store owned by his wife, Carol. His store is stocked with materials and equipment.

Relationship discount[]

The player can get up to 25% discount while shopping at the Total Tools if they become friends with Mars.


The store starts out with a small range of items. As the player progresses with the main story, Mars increases the variety of items the store offers to match. New items will appear in stock the next calendar day after the player completes its related mission.


Total Tools ico.png Total Tools
Item Name Amount Price Condition
WoodWood Wood 20 2Gols.png None
StoneStone Stone 20 2Gols.png None
Power StonePower Stone Power Stone 10 80Gols.png None
Upgrade KitUpgrade Kit Upgrade Kit 10 240Gols.png None
Copper OreCopper Ore Copper Ore 100 4Gols.png None
Tin OreTin Ore Tin Ore 100 8Gols.png None
Iron OreIron Ore Iron Ore 100 4Gols.png Bridge to Amber Island
Lead OreLead Ore Lead Ore 100 8Gols.png Bridge to Amber Island
Aluminum OreAluminum Ore Aluminum Ore 100 8Gols.png The Eufaula Tunnel investigation
Magnesium OreMagnesium Ore Magnesium Ore 100 8Gols.png The Eufaula Tunnel investigation


Total Tools ico.png Total Tools
Item Name Amount Price Mission
Miner's HatMiner's Hat Miner's Hat 1 72Gols.png
Simple AxeSimple Axe Simple Axe 1 32Gols.png
BalloonBalloon Balloon 5 48Gols.png
Corps' HammerCorps' Hammer Corps' Hammer 1 1,200Gols.png Rescue in Ingall's Mine
KnuckleKnuckle Knuckle 1 5,000Gols.png The Driller verify ]
War HammerWar Hammer War Hammer 1 3,000Gols.png Adventures with Mali
Propeller Umbrella HatPropeller Umbrella Hat Propeller Umbrella Hat 5 1,600Gols.png
Sharp Umbrella HatSharp Umbrella Hat Sharp Umbrella Hat 5 2,000Gols.png
Green Umbrella HatGreen Umbrella Hat Green Umbrella Hat 5 2,400Gols.png
Nova SwordNova Sword Nova Sword 1 3,600Gols.png Rescue in Ingall's Mine


Total Tools ico.png Total Tools
Item Name Amount Price Season
Lucky CoverLucky Cover Lucky Cover 5 80Gols.png Winter


Total Tools ico.png Total Tools
Item Name Amount Price Weather
Umbrella (Book)Umbrella (Book) Umbrella (Book) 1 1,000Gols.png Weather rain icon.png
Enhanced Iron Sword (Book)Enhanced Iron Sword (Book) Enhanced Iron Sword (Book) 1 1,000Gols.png
Windwheel (Book)Windwheel (Book) Windwheel (Book) 1 6,000Gols.png
Triple Barrel Snakebite (Book)Triple Barrel Snakebite (Book) Triple Barrel Snakebite (Book) 1 1,000Gols.png


Total Tools ico.png Total Tools
Item Name Amount Price Season
Red FireworkRed Firework Red Firework 20 24Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Yellow FireworksYellow Fireworks Yellow Fireworks 20 24Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Green FireworksGreen Fireworks Green Fireworks 20 24Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Blue FireworksBlue Fireworks Blue Fireworks 20 24Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Purple FireworksPurple Fireworks Purple Fireworks 20 24Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter


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Total Tools will purchase the following items from the player: