Treasure chests can be found on the map and inside various Hazardous Ruins. They are free for the player to take and can contain various items.

Locations Edit

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Treasure chests on the map or inside the ruins the player visits during main missions spawn only once and always contain the same items.

Treasure chests inside Sewage Plant and Ingall's Mine hazardous ruins respawn every time the player runs them and contain random loot, please refer to their pages for more information.


Items Description Location Map
On the city wall near Peach Plaza gate, far left.
Chest Salad Sauce
Treasure chest 01
On the city wall to the right of Peach Plaza gate.
Chest CityWall right
Treasure chest 02
On the city wall to the left of Peach Plaza gate.
Chest CityWall left
Treasure chest 03
Behind the cornice of the Commerce Guild.
Chest Guild-1
Treasure chest 04
Behind the Commerce Guild.
Chest Guild-2
Treasure chest 05
Behind the cafe near Abandoned Ruins #1.
Chest Dried Apple Slice.png
Treasure chest 06
In the garden on Central Plaza, to the right of the Research Center.
Chest Research center
Treasure chest 07
In Portia School, on the right.
Chest School-1
Treasure chest 08
In the small garden near Portia School entrance.
Chest Portia School
Treasure chest 09
Behind Portia School.
Chest School2
Treasure chest 11
On the suspended bridge above Main Street.
Chest suspended bridge
Treasure chest 10
On Total Tools roof.
Chest Total tools
Treasure chest 12
Inside the Church of the Light to the right.
Chest Church
Treasure chest 13
Behind the Church of the Light.
Chest behind Church
Treasure chest 14
50 Gols
On the terrace of Alice's home.
Chest Bamna
Treasure chest 15
On the terrace of Martha's home.
Chest Martha
Treasure chest 16
On the terrace of Presley's home (to the left of Django's home).
Chest unaffected
Treasure chest 17
Right of Gale's home.
Chest Gale
Treasure chest 18
Behind Gale's home.
Chest Gale-2
Treasure chest 19
On the stairs leading to the Civil Corps and Dr. Xu's Clinic.
Chest Gale-3
Treasure chest 20
In Django's home.
Chest Django
Treasure chest 21
To the left of Petra's home.
Chest Petra
Treasure chest 22
In a far bedroom on the first floor of Happy Apartments.
Chest 1ndHA
Treasure chest 23
In a bedroom on the second floor of Happy Apartments.
Chest 2ndHA
Treasure chest 23

Around PortiaEdit

Items Description Location Map
In front of the Workshop.
Chest Worn Gloves
Treasure chest 34
100 Gols
Behind a large rock right outside the city wall west of Peach Plaza gate.
Chest hidden
Treasure chest 33
In the westernmost corner of the Tree Farm, among the bushes near the ruin entrance.
Chest Tree Farm 2
Treasure chest 48
Behind a large oak tree outside the Tree Farm where the Illusion Bunnies spawn.
Chest Tree Farm
Treasure chest 44
On the roof of Sophie's Ranch.
Chest Sophie's ranch
Treasure chest 36
25 Gols
In a shed on Sophie's Ranch.
Chest shed Sophie
Treasure chest 37
Behind the larger building in the harbor.
Chest harbour side
Treasure chest 38
On the roof of the smaller building in Portia Harbor.
Chest small roof harbour
Treasure chest 39
200 Gols
In the south end of Portia Harbor. If the harbor is build the chest will be under the dock.
Chest harbor
Treasure chest 40
Above Amber Island's Cave's entrance.
Chest Above cave
Treasure chest 42
Behind a big tree west of the bridge on Amber Island.
Chest Amber tree
Treasure chest 43
On a small island due west of Amber Island, accessible with the Robopig Rider after completing The Builder Bout.
Chest small island
Treasure chest 45

Collapsed WastelandEdit

Items Description Location Map
On Collapsed Wasteland's gate.
Chest Collapsed gate
Treasure chest 25
Behind the Sewage Plant ruins.
Chest Harzardous
Treasure chest 26
On the pipe above the lake.
Chest Pipe
Treasure chest 27
On the roof of the Sewage Plant ruins.
Chest Above Hazardous Ruins
Treasure chest 28
Hidden in bushes at the foot of the lake, under a pipe.
Chest Lake
Treasure chest 29
On the ledge on ruined building that is up the hill, south of the lake.
Treasure Chest in Collasped Wasteland 3
Treasure chest 30
On a roof of a ruin east of the entrance to Collapsed Wasteland.
Chest Collapsed Wasteland
Treasure chest 31
Behind some roots on the eastern edge of Collapsed Wasteland.
Chest Collapsed Wasteland 2
Treasure chest 32
Behind a bush near the round building north of the entrance to Collapsed Wasteland.
Chest HR
Treasure chest 47

Eufaula DesertEdit

Items Description Location Map
On the Eufaula Heights side of the Bassanio Falls.
Chest onWaterfall
Treasure chest 41

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On a rock right below the Bassanio Falls accessible from Eufaula Desert side.
Chest 00
Treasure chest 50
Behind a palm tree in the desert oasis, near the fishing spot.
Chest 01
Treasure chest 49
In the bushes between some rocks southeast of the Portia Bridge.
Chest 02
Treasure chest 51
100 Gols
On the working lift above Ingall's Mine.
Chest 03
Treasure chest 52
 verify ] Near the entrances to Ingall's Mine and Dana's mine.
Chest 04
Treasure chest 53

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On the broken lift above Ingall's Mine.
Chest 05
Treasure chest 54
In the western part of the desert where Desert Hoppers spawn, behind a large rock.
Chest 06
Treasure chest 55

Western Plateau Edit

Items Description Location Map
Near the lake on the Western Plateau the Hot Springs Inn is built on.
Chest Western Plateau
Treasure chest 46
Near an Igneous Rock node on the western edge of the map, west of the Computer Lab Ruin.
Chest 07
Treasure chest 56
To the right of the Computer Lab Ruin entrance, opposite the water wheel built by the player during the Tree Farm missions.
Chest 08
Treasure chest 57
In the eastern corner of the beach on Western Plateau.
Treasure chest Western Plateau beach
Treasure chest WP 4

Starlight Island Edit

Items Description Location Map
North-east end of the map, hidden in some bushes, very close to the water.
Chest Starlight Island 1
Treasure chest 58
West end of the island, at a point that looks like a dead end of the sandy pathway on the map.
Map Starlight Island 00
Treasure chest 63
On top of the building, on a terrace on the right while facing the entrance. Accessible by climbing the big rocks from any point below.
Map Starlight Island 01
Treasure chest 64

Somber Marsh Edit

Items Description Location Map
Inside the cockpit of the crashed airship that serves as a support for the western bridge to the Somber Marsh.
Chest 10
Treasure chest 59
In a niche of the rocky edge of the Somber Marsh, in the most northwest corner of the map.
Chest 11
Treasure chest 60
Behind the left tower of the north-westernmost building in the Somber Marsh.
Chest 12
Treasure chest 61
Inside the eastern engine of the crashed airship that serves as a support for the western bridge to the Somber Marsh.
Chest Power in a Can
Treasure chest 62
North of Deepest Ruin, at the foot/on the eastern backside of a rocky structure near the water.
Chest Sapphire Ring
Treasure chest 65

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At the far east end of the Somber Marsh, a few steps north of the waterfall there (not Portia Falls, which are much further south).
On the map draw a line from Papa Bear's house straight north to the rocky edge of the Somber Marsh..
Chest Painting Kitty
Treasure chest Kitty
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