Triple Barrel Snakebite is a ranged weapon used in combat.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Triple Barrel Snakebite can be crafted using the Worktable after the player obtains the recipe by beating the Level 2 of the Sewage Plant for the first time or by purchasing it at Total Tools:

WorktableWorktable Worktable
Item Tab Materials
Triple Barrel Snakebite.png
Triple Barrel Snakebite
Weapons icon.png

Usage[edit | edit source]

Triple Barrel Snakebite can be used in combat or gifted.

Equip[edit | edit source]

Triple Barrel Snakebite is a weapon that the player can use in combat by equipping it into an active inventory slot. It boosts the player's Attack by 100 and Ranged Critical Damage by 50%.

Triple Barrel Snakebite is a ranged weapon that uses Venom Darts for ammunition. It automatically targets enemies when fired.

Triple Barrel Snakebite can be revised to Red Hawk's stats using the Forge.

Gift[edit | edit source]

Triple Barrel Snakebite can be given as a gift to other characters.

Social gift.png Gifting Characters
30?cb=20190209234418Mount Very Happy.png
Love: +15
30?cb=20190209234606Mount Neutral.png
Neutral: +1
50?cb=20171225161938Prompt city.pngEveryone Else
30?cb=20190209234606Mount Neutral.png
Neutral: 0
30?cb=20190209234621Mount Unhappy.png
Dislike: -2
30?cb=20190209234629Mount Very Unhappy.png
Hate: -5
Listed values are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra point.

Gift values displayed on this chart are for the PC release of My Time at Portia and may not apply to the console releases.

Recycle[edit | edit source]

Triple Barrel Snakebite can be placed in the Recycle Machine to produce the following items:

Recycle MachineRecycle Machine Recycle Machine
Item Type Time Returns
Triple Barrel SnakebiteTriple Barrel Snakebite
Triple Barrel Snakebite
Weapon 15m

Notes[edit | edit source]

The letter received after using the Triple Barrel Snakebite for the first time.

  • Using this weapon or the Red Hawk for the first time will cause the church to send the player a letter condemning their actions, and the player will lose 20 relationship points with Lee and 10 relationship points with Nora upon opening the letter. The letter is sent only once. The relationship penalty can be completely avoided by never opening the letter.

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