Hey Portians!

Today, we would like to bring in a new feature that will be on a trial run for one month. This feature is called Achievements. The goal of this feature is to see how well it would bring in new editors and motivate them to continue editing. We will be monitoring this feature until April 21st.

What are achievements?

Main article: Help:Achievements

Achievements are badges you earn by editing the wiki in several ways. Badges include:

  • Joining the wiki (Special:Signup)
  • Editing your userpage
  • Editing mainspace articles
  • Adding categories to mainspace articles
  • Adding images to mainspace articles
  • Writing a blog post (like this one!)
  • Commenting on blog posts
  • Consecutively edit the wiki for several days (in UTC+0 time)

By doing any of this, you earn a badge and points that allow you to get on the Leaderboard.

Policies and guidelines behind achievements

We want to create a positive working environment. And we also want you to feel more motivated to edit. With achievements, we hope we can accomplish this.

However, there a few guidelines regarding achievements.

First and foremost...

You may not edit just to hunt for achievements
What this means is that editing for achievements is counter productive to the growth of MTaP Wiki. Your edits need to be sufficient enough, meaning you cannot spam, vandalize, or otherwise go against the wiki policies. This includes but is not limited to: making small edits, editing and reverting the change, mass-editing articles without actually adding anything constructive, adding random or irrelevant categories, adding random or irrelevant images. Please be productive when editing.
Blocked users won't show up on the leaderboard
When you are blocked, your badges are hidden (not lost). You are hidden from the leaderboard. When unblock, you get them back. Avoid yourself from getting block.
Follow wiki policies
All policies in the wiki apply to every member of this community: whether registered or unregistered user, moderator, or admin/bureaucrat.

For a more thorough policy, please see Project:Achievements.

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