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    All game data is stored in the Program Directory\Portia_Data\StreamingAssets\CccData\LocalDb.bytes table. By copying it to another directory and renaming the extension to .db it can be treated as a regular SQL table and read with, for example, DB Browser for SQLite. In this blog I will do my best to document what the tables contain. For now it is mainly for myself but maybe other people can get something out of this too.

    Note that these tables only contain textual game data, NOT actual textures, sounds or anything to that regard. To extract textures or sounds, you will need a program like Unity Bundle Extractor.

    Here I will list tables that are immediately relevant for modding major game aspects. Always backup your original game files and modify…

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  • Skuldomg88

    Without further ado, here is the link:

    • Up to date table with relationship points as of 31.07.2018, ver. 8.0.106803

    These are extracted directly from the game files (Version Alpha 8.0.106803) and processed with scripts I wrote to make them human-readable.

    If you want to know more, read on.

    The data has been confirmed by analysis of the runtime code (thanks to NetherKitteh on the Discord!), so the above table should be correct, except for human error by myself when writing the extraction script.

    The table should be pretty self-explanatory but here's a quick overview along with some stuff I don't fully understand yet.

    • NPC_Name: Name of the NPC
    • Favor_Excellent: List of gifts that the character loves, along with how many relationship points are gained.…

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