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Being in Vega 5 all the time is kinda suffocating. Everyone is all high and mighty about how the city is the center of science in the Free Cities. Come on! We're just digging up trash and trying to figure out what it does.

Vega 5 is a man-made island city known for its advanced relic-based research and technology, located directly south of Portia. It is a member of the Alliance of Free Cities, and the only member that is not part of the mainland.

Vega 5 is built on the partially sunken wreckage of a giant spaceship, so there are no windows for large parts of the structure[1] and plant life is sparse. There are no deciduous trees, so the local nature does not change appearance much as the seasons shift to autumn.[2] The local fish are edible but taste "too salty," according to Qiwa.[3]


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Vega 5 is a city that values knowledge and technology. The general mood of the people is more serious than that of Portia.[4][5]

The Stripy Neatness outfit is from Vega 5, said to "immediately upgrade one's attractiveness."

The city has at least one orphanage - the one that Mint grew up in. He states the orphanage's education and management were "extremely strict" and that most children were "assigned to the local government and research institutes."[6] It is likely that he was able to avoid the same fate due to his natural talent at a young age in engineering.[7] Orphans are generally not treated well by the Vega 5 society.[8] Mint describes the food served to the children in that orphanage as "tasteless," resulting in things such as Portia Hot Pot being "a little too greasy and spicy" for him.[9]

The sport of basketball is played in the city.[10] It is currently unknown what other sports are popular there.

Science and technology[]

You know, I never liked anything about Vega 5. But now I remember one of their rules was to always respect a living AI like a sentient being. I've never given that too much thought before, but they're right. Living AIs weres(sic) the most beautiful things our ancestors created in an age of corruption.
— Merlin

There are many relic technology researchers, though their findings are "often top secret" and not released to the public.[11][12] Vega 5 is known to have done research on various vehicles,[13] including a failed attempt at an underwater vehicle.[14]

The city is home to various living AI. They are intelligent, friendly,[15] and treated with the same respect as other living beings.

Establishments of note[]

Vega 5 University[]

Vega 5 University, colloquially referred to as Vega 5 U,[16] is a prestigious college. It features subjects such as technology, teaching, and liberal arts like art, music, and history, though its liberal arts program was nearly cut by the new dean.[17]

Connections to Portia[]

Not much is known about Vega 5 besides the following:

  • Merlin and Mint were originally from there.
  • Lucy completed her studies there before coming to teach in Portia.
  • Wuwa's boat ferries people to and from Vega 5.
  • Certain technology are from Vega 5:
    • The Relic Finders that the player can use in the Abandoned Ruins were developed by researchers in Vega 5.
    • The Driller's diagram was also developed in Vega 5.
    • The Factory is made from a prefabricated design imported from Vega 5.
    • Vega 5 supplies many parts used to manufacture advanced instruments and machinery.
    • Most of the planes in the Free Cities are built in Vega 5, since it is the only city equipped with the knowledge and tools to do so.

News reports[]

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Up From the Ashes: Humanities Subjects in Vega 5 Uncancelled[]

Up From the Ashes: Humanities Subjects in Vega 5 Uncancelled
Reported by Mei

Shocking news from Vega 5 has reached Portia today, as Dean Bitterman, President and Chairman of Vega 5 University, has resigned from his position after a crowd of hundreds appeared at the university this week, carrying a petition bearing the signatures of hundreds more. The petition was an outcry against Bitterman's plans to cut funding in the liberal arts colleges and subsequently spark massive layoffs in those departments including history, music, education, and others.

The petition was started by none other than Portia's very own Ms. Lucy, school teacher and graduate from Vega 5 University. "When I heard what they were doing, I felt powerless; but then a conversation with a close friend inspired me to try to make a difference," she said of the ordeal.

Vega 5 University is the largest and most prominent university in the south. Losing that beacon of culture would have been devastation for the younger generation and have echoing effects for generations to come. What's more, Dean Bitterman had no plans to redistribute the funding amongst other programs, instead it was revealed that he planned to use the money to give himself and other board members a raise in salary. When reached for comment, billionaire investor Musa had this to say, "Don't forget Musa is all about that paper, but fellow paper chasers, know this: you should make your money by helping people and bringing telesis to the community; anyone who plucks their money out of someone else's future is lower than dirt, as far as I'm concerned."

Dean Bitterman was not available for comment, but shortly before leaving the university and returning to his mansion, corroborated sources confirm his last words to the crowd were, "And I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your stupid petition!"



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