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Walnut Groove is a city that shares a border with Portia. It is a member of the Alliance of Free Cities. It also shares borders with The Peripheries, Sandrock, and Tallsky.

Walnut Groove values entertainment and the arts, and is considered the center of culture in the Free Cities.




The people of Walnut Groove are relaxed and carefree, with some store owners only opening for business when the whim takes them.[1]

Many handicrafts are made in Walnut Groove, including Brooches[2] and fine furniture[3].

There is a play that only shows in autumn.

Connections to PortiaEdit

Not much is known about Walnut Groove besides the following:

  • Dr. Xu and Presley were originally from there, and the tourist named Han travels from his home there when he visits.
    • Presley's aircraft model is also from Walnut Groove.
  • Sanwa learned to style hair in Walnut Groove.
  • Aadit once went to Walnut Groove for seeds, but was trapped by monsters on his trip back for two days.[4]
  • Carol and Mars's daughters want to visit Walnut Groove.
  • Penny tells the player about a sponsor she gets in Walnut Groove named Mrs. Kalifa.[5]

News ReportsEdit

Largely unknown.

The player is told about the following:

I read an article about how Walnut Groove wants to take advantage of the better roads being built in the Alliance and spread their entertainment around in caravans.


  • Some of the edible fish in Walnut Groove are considered small.[6]


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