The machine is so powerful that it can be used to transport water from the water to high places.

Water Engine is a machine used in Mission: Saving the Tree Farm, as well as Commerce Commisions.

Obtaining Edit


Water Engine Diagram

Can be crafted after obtaining Water Engine (Diagram), which can be obtained for 6 Data Disc during Mission: Vehicle Pitstop.

Alternatively, the diagram can be bought from the Research Center Exchange for 16 Data Disc.

Assembly StationAssembly Station
Assembly Station
Project Materials
Water EngineWater Engine

Water Engine
Small EngineSmall_Engine

2 Small Engine

2 Bearing
Steel PlateSteel_Plate

4 Steel Plate
Old PartsOld_Parts

5 Old Parts

Usage Edit

Used in Mission: Vehicle Pitstop and in some city Commissions.

The Water Engine can be donated to the Museum as a Medium Assembled Item. When donated, it gives:
Prompt guild Reputation +25.


Cannot be Gifted.