Weapons are equipment for combat. Weapons increase attack values to aid in defeating stronger enemies. Upgrading weapons on the Worktable provides additional effects, such as higher damage or inflicting poison on the enemy.


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There are two main types of weapons in the game: melee and ranged.

Melee weapons are suitable for close combat, and include swords, hammers, staffs, and knuckles. Each of these types of melee weapons has a different fighting style. Melee Critical Damage of these weapons is affected by Fatal Strike combat skill. All swords and hammers are capable of dash attacks against faraway enemies.

Ranged weapons are suitable for ranged combat. Unlike melee weapons, they require the player to have ammunition in the inventory to be used and automatically target enemies. Currently there are only two ranged weapons in the game: Triple Barrel Snakebite which fires Venom Darts and Red Hawk which fires Ammo. The Ranged critical damage of these weapons is affected by Precision Strike combat skill.

Firing any ranged weapon for the first time gives the player a small relationship penalty with the Church of the Light members (Lee and Nora), though this penalty can be avoided by not opening the letter Lee sends.

Most tools can also be used as slow weapons to inflict some damage.

Revising weaponsEdit

Main article: Forge

Once the player unlocks the Forge by giving 10 Data Discs to the Research Center, they can revise a weapon to the stats of any higher tier weapon of the same type. The upgraded weapon's stats change after forging, but it retains its original attack speed, animation, combos, and special effects. The ammo used by a ranged weapon also does not change after it is revised.

Comparison tableEdit

All Weapons
Icon Name Attack Effect Source
Blade of MaliceBlade of Malice Blade of Malice 65 Poison Damage Worktable
Bronze SwordBronze Sword Bronze Sword 45 None Worktable
Corps' HammerCorps' Hammer Corps' Hammer 200 Slow attack speed
Stun on impact
Rescue in Ingall's Mine
Total Tools
Enhanced Bronze SwordEnhanced Bronze Sword Enhanced Bronze Sword 60 None Worktable
Iron SwordEnhanced Iron Sword Enhanced Iron Sword 105 Critical Damage +50% Worktable
Practice SwordEnhanced Practice Sword Enhanced Practice Sword 30 None Worktable
Golden StaffGolden Staff Golden Staff 480 Critical Chance +100% Deepest Ruin
Iron SwordIron Sword Iron Sword 90 Critical Damage +50% Worktable
KnuckleKnuckle Knuckle 90 Critical Damage +100% Treasure chest
Total Tools
Lion's ClawLion's Claw Lion's Claw 150 Slow attack speed
Stun on impact
Sewage Plant
MacuahuitlMacuahuitl Macuahuitl 240 Critical Damage +50%
Slow attack speed
Stun on impact
Deepest Ruin
Nova SwordNova Sword Nova Sword 200 Critical Damage +50% Ingall's Mine
Total Tools
Obsidian EdgeObsidian Edge Obsidian Edge 220 Critical Damage +100% Deepest Ruin
Poison KnucklesPoison Knuckles Poison Knuckles 120 Poison Damage

Melee Critical Damage +100%

Practice SwordPractice Sword Practice Sword 18 None Worktable
RacketRacket Racket 10 None Abandoned Ruins
Red HawkRed Hawk Red Hawk 200 Ranged Damage[1]
Critical Damage +50%
Rogue Knight's SwordRogue Knight's Sword Rogue Knight's Sword 480 Critical Chance +100% The Final Battle
Ruin Text ClaymoreRuin Text Claymore Ruin Text Claymore 210 Defense +60
Critical Damage +50%
Deepest Ruin
Rusty Iron PipeRusty Iron Pipe Rusty Iron Pipe 8 None Abandoned Ruins
Blue MackerelSalted Fish Sword Salted Fish Sword 36 Critical Damage +50% Museum
Practice SwordSpiked Practice Sword Spiked Practice Sword 30 Critical Chance +50%
Critical Damage +50%
Steel LionSteel Lion Steel Lion 100 Slow attack speed Kickstarter exclusive
Triple Barrel SnakebiteTriple Barrel Snakebite Triple Barrel Snakebite 100 Ranged Damage[1]
Critical Damage +50%
War HammerWar Hammer War Hammer 280 Slow attack speed
Stun on impact
Adventures with Mali
Total Tools
Worn GlovesWorn Gloves Worn Gloves 5 None Treasure chest
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