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Weather is the state of atmospheric change in wind, temperature, cloudiness, moisture and pressure. Weather lasts the entire day and may persist to the next day. It extends across the entire map, regardless of where the player is. Sunny days will be sunny everywhere and snow will fall on the Eufaula Desert as with everywhere else.

Gameplay changes[]

Weather plays a minor role in My Time at Portia. However, some gameplay is altered:

Monster spawns[]

The following monsters are affected by weather:


The following items are affected by weather:

Differences by weather type[]

The following weather types are listed in descending order of most common to least commonly occurring.


Weather sun

Sun icon

The weather in Portia is typically sunny, and can be sunny in any season. Sunlight is brightest and skies are clearest on sunny days, showing bright blue skies and thin white clouds in the distance during the day, sunsets that fade from yellow-orange to pinkish-red, and dark blue nights where the stars and moon can be seen.

Day of the Bright Sun Airship over Portia

A sunny Day of the Bright Sun

On these days:


Weather cloudy

Cloudy icon

Some days may be cloudy, and can occur in any season. Clouds will float across the sky over time, casting shadows over things below them.

These days function largely the same as sunny days, with the following exceptions:


Weather overcast

Overcast icon

Some days may be overcast, and can occur in any season. Grayish-white clouds will cover the entire sky, dimming the sunlight during the day.

Winter overcast fields

Overcast Portia Grassland, Amber Island, and Bassanio Falls during winter

These days function largely the same as sunny days, with the following exceptions:


Weather rain

Rain icon

Rain can fall during spring, summer, and fall. The sky will turn dark during the day (almost as if it is night), rain falls from the dark clouds covering the sky, and lightning and thunder will occasionally crash. All of the citizens of Portia will wear umbrella hats on rainy days.

Options - Lightning On (checked on)

The Lightning On option, set so that rain, lightning, and snow are shown

Checkmarking the Lightning On setting in the game options will turn the rainfall and lightning visual effects off entirely. This is particularly helpful if the player's system lags due to rainfall or if the flashing lightning may pose a risk to the player's health or comfort.

On rainy days:

Meanwhile, the following are not available:


Weather snow

Snow icon

Snow can only fall during winter. The sky remains relatively bright (brighter than when raining), but snow will fall from the grayish-white clouds covering the sky. Turning the "Toggle lightning" option off will also disable the visual effect of snowfall entirely.

On snowy days:

Meanwhile, the following are not available:

Advance forecasts[]

Weather interaction

Weather forecast icon

Ack can forecast the weather for the next day after the player has hired him as a helper and upgraded him with the Meteorological Data Chip. Once these prerequisites are filled, the player can interact with Ack to bring up the weather forecast option.

When Ack predicts the weather, Ack's dialogue lines are as follows:

  • Sunny Sunny: I'm in a good mood today. Tomorrow will bring clear skies, as clear as my mood!
  • Cloudy Cloudy: Tomorrow is going to be cloudy. We won't be seeing the sun.
  • Overcast Overcast:
  • Rain Raining: It'll rain, rain, rain tomorrow. My arms will hurt and my cooking will be affected. How dreadful!
  • Snow Snowing:
Data Chip Ack's Function How to Obtain
Meteorological Data ChipMeteorological Data Chip
Meteorological Data Chip
Weather Forecast Research Center Exchange for 10

Data Disc