Wedding Ring is a special gift given to propose to an eligible character. It can also be worn as an accessory.


Wedding Ring can be purchased at the following shop:

Store In Stock Price
Mysterious Man icoMysterious Man

Mysterious Man
1 2,000 Gols

Usage Edit


After the player's intended boyfriend or girlfriend has accepted a Heart Knot and reached the Lover status, a Wedding Ring can be presented to them to initiate marriage. Neither item can be given while on a play or date.


Wedding Ring can be equipped into one of the three Accessory slots in the Inventory to boost the player's Icon HP by 35. It does not show on the player's model.


  • Giving Wedding Ring to an eligible character before upgrading the house to level 2 makes them reject it.
  • Giving Wedding Ring to the player's spouse makes them reject it, gives a unique dialogue and no relationship points.
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