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The Western Plateau is a large, raised stretch of land located west of the Tree Farm. It becomes accessible after Western Plateau, in which the player builds a lift for Mali.

On the plateau, rocks can be mined for Igneous Rock and Zeolite. Trees can be logged for Purple Resin and Pine Cones. There is a small number of Cinnamon trees.

There are no creatures on the Western Plateau.


After Mali's arrival to Portia, Mali requested a lift be built near the Western Plateau in order to access the upper portion of the area. Upon doing so, Mali and the player ventured through the Western Plateau and discovered the Computer Lab Ruin.

The player can help build the new Hot Springs Inn during Hot Springs Retreat. The player can then visit the spa to restore Stamina or as an activity during Dates.

Places of interests[]


Logging loot
  • Pine tree
  • White tree
  • Shrubs and bushes
Quarrying loot
  • Igneous rocks


The following are missions that occur on the Western Plateau.