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Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is an event taking place on Day 23 of Winter. It marks the tradition that began with people in the Age of Darkness tossing food items into the hot pot to survive. This event starts at 10:00 and ends at 15:00.


Before the festivities start Gale and Lee deliver a short speech:

Gale Thank you all for gathering here today. Before we start, I invite Minister Lee to deliver a sermon for us. Minister?
Lee Thank you Gale. Well, nice havin' everyone out on this very cold day. I'm going to keep this short since the smell is oh-so-good! Django, you're getting good at this!
Lee I'm going to tell the story of how the Winter Solstice tradition got started. Long ago, in the bleakest period of the Age of Darkness, there was no light to be found. People rose in the morning and went to bed at night in total blackout. Food was scarce and the crops were failing. And it was cold... very, very cold!
Lee Many people died. On an especially cold Winter Solstice, a few of the strugglers started a fire to keep warm. When one of them suddenly said: 'I still have a can of beans, let's heat it up and share it!' Someone followed by saying: 'That's not enough, I still have some mushrooms, let me put that in as well!" One after another, people gave up what they had left.
Lee By the time they're done, the pot was full of wonderful and filling things. These people ate and laughed and went on to survive that day, and the next, and the day after that. Until the sun finally came out.
Lee Even though we're seeing better times now, we need to remember what got us to this point. We shared our offering, provided help to one another, and together made out current happiness possible. So please never forget that! God bless.
Gale Thank you for that wonderful sermon, Minister. Now then everyone, let's throw in what we have!
Gale That smells so delicious! Let's get ready to eat!


Winter Solstive hot pot

The hot pot

The purpose of the Winter Solstice is to toss food ingredients into the hot pot. After tossing ten items, the player can grab a non-inventory serving of the hot pot, which will heighten some of the player's abilities for a limited time. The townsfolk can also toss in food, but may also request food ingredients; when the request is granted, the character gains relationship points, depending on the type of food. Most food ingredients can be purchased from Emily's Food Stall; other ingredients must be gathered elsewhere, such as Ginger, Bamboo Papaya, Meat, Snake Meat, Lantern Fish or Wise Fish.

Several characters have a special dialogue specifically made for this event.

Food ingredientsEdit

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Below is a list of food ingredients that can be tossed in to the hot pot.
Item Relationship points Type Can be bought at the event?
Bamboo PapayaBamboo Papaya
10 Vegetable No
Banner FishBanner Fish
15 Fish Yes
Blade FishBlade Fish
Fish No
Blue MackerelBlue Mackerel
25 Fish No
20 Fish Yes
10 Fish Yes
10 Meat Yes
Chili PepperChili Pepper
10 Seasoning Yes
Seasoning Yes
5 Seasoning Yes
15 Vegetable Yes
5 Seasoning Yes
5 Side Yes
20 Fish Yes
Frog FishFrog Fish
15 Fish Yes
Ginger (ingredient)Ginger
Seasoning No
Gladiator FishGladiator Fish
Fish No
Golden SalmonGolden Salmon
10 Fish Yes
Koi FishKoi Fish
20 Fish Yes
Layered CarrotLayered Carrot
10 Vegetable Yes
10 Vegetable Yes
Lobster ClawLobster Claw
15 Other Yes
Lobster MeatLobster Meat
10 Meat Yes
5 Meat Yes
Palm JujubePalm Jujube
10 Other Yes
Potato FruitPotato Fruit
10 Vegetable Yes
10 Vegetable Yes
Red MushroomRed Mushroom
10 Side Yes
Rock SaltRock Salt
5 Seasoning Yes
5 Seasoning Yes
Shaggy ManeShaggy Mane
10 Side Yes
Snake MeatSnake Meat
10 Meat No
Wise FishWise Fish
Fish No

Emily's Food StallEdit

Main article: Emily's Food Stall

During this event, Emily opens up her food stall between the hours of 7:00 to 15:00. She sells a wide variety of food ingredients that can be used on the hot pot.

Farm Store icoEmily's Food Stall Emily's Food Stall Season winter
Item Name Amount Price
MeatMeat Meat 20 4 Gols
EggEgg Egg 10 8 Gols
SugarSugar Sugar 10 8 Gols
LettuceLettuce Lettuce 5 28 Gols
Potato FruitPotato Fruit Potato Fruit 5 16 Gols
Layered CarrotLayered Carrot Layered Carrot 5 40 Gols
PumpkinPumpkin Pumpkin 5 24 Gols
Chili PepperChili Pepper Chili Pepper 5 20 Gols
CornballCornball Cornball 5 52 Gols
ChickenChicken Chicken 5 16 Gols
SaltSalt Salt 10 4 Gols
CorianderCoriander Coriander 5 8 Gols
CatfishCatfish Catfish 5 120 Gols
Golden SalmonGolden Salmon Golden Salmon 5 120 Gols
Banner FishBanner Fish Banner Fish 5 120 Gols
Frog FishFrog Fish Frog Fish 5 300 Gols
Koi FishKoi Fish Koi Fish 5 160 Gols
BubblefishBubblefish Bubblefish 5 400 Gols
Red MushroomRed Mushroom Red Mushroom 5 40 Gols
Shaggy ManeShaggy Mane Shaggy Mane 5 32 Gols
Rock SaltRock Salt Rock Salt 5 16 Gols
CuminCumin Cumin 5 12 Gols
Lobster MeatLobster Meat Lobster Meat 5 12 Gols
Lobster ClawLobster Claw Lobster Claw 5 48 Gols
CinnamonCinnamon Cinnamon 5 32 Gols
Palm JujubePalm Jujube Palm Jujube 5 32 Gols
FirefishFirefish Firefish 5 180 Gols

Special group photos Edit

Group photo sign
When the Solstice Hotpot and Snowball Fight finishes, special group photo opportunities will become available. They are marked on the map with Camera icon icon. Activate the glittering camera sign (right) and you'll take a group photo with the people standing next to the sign. The pose is unique to this festival and group of people. Try and get them all before the day ends!

Social talk Festival Dialogue Edit

Social talk
Dialogue →


  • Keeping the spiciness of the Hot Pot above 85 for 10 seconds or longer will trigger the A True Hotpot achievement. To get this achievement, the player should keep a large amount of Chili Peppers in the inventory and add these one at a time as quickly as possible until the achievement triggers. Items requested from the other Portians should be ignored.

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