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Workshop Rank Pedestals

Workshop Rank competition pedestals

Taking commissions from the Commerce Guild can be the best way to make money. However, don't take more than you can handle. Failing commissions can negatively affect your workshop rankings.
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Workshop Rank measures a Builder's workshop's standing compared to other workshops in Portia. Ranks are assigned by the Commerce Guild, which handles the assigning of commissions. Higher-ranked workshops can take more difficult commissions that require more advanced crafting stations and materials, but provide better rewards. The top three workshops receive special rewards at the end of each month and year.

The player can check the current Workshop Ranking by interacting with the colorful trio of pedestals located up the stairs behind Antoine's desk at the Commerce Guild. When the player arrives and starts their own workshop, Higgins ranks the highest by far, but with hard work, the player can surpass even him.


Reputation points[]

Prompt guild

Every commission completed for the Commerce Guild comes with a reward of reputation points, or Workshop Rank points, denoted with the Prompt guild symbol. A workshop moves up the ranks by completing these commissions. Most missions personally requested by other characters will earn the player reputation points, as well as relationship points with the commissioner. The overall rank of workshops is represented by a letter grade, with "S" being the highest and "D" being the lowest.

Reputation points are cumulative throughout the year, and will reset to zero at the beginning of each year. Points earned towards Workshop Rank, however, will persist through the years, meaning that if the player ends Year 1 at rank A with 15,000 points, they will continue to be rank A and can still work towards earning the remaining 2,501 points to rank S.

The player begins the game at rank D with zero Prompt guild.

Workshop Ranks and Points
Rank Points required
Workshop Rank D 0 – 500 Prompt guild
Workshop Rank C 501 – 2,500 Prompt guild
Workshop Rank B 2,501 – 7,500 Prompt guild
Workshop Rank A 7,501 – 17,500 Prompt guild
Workshop Rank S 17,501 Prompt guild and more
Note: Points are accurate for all versions of My Time at Portia, including console versions.[1]

The competition[]

There are several competing workshops in the running for first place, and some are more competitive than others.

The other Builders begin Year 1 with a set number of points, and will automatically gain reputation points each work day. (This includes Higgins, regardless of if the player physically blocks him from picking a specific commission or any commission at all.) From Year 2 onward, all Builders start the year with zero points.

The Builders of Portia
Workshop Owner Points gained per day Points at start of Year 1
Higgins' Workshop Higgins
144-214Prompt guild 5,250Prompt guild
Allen Carter Works Allen Carter
Allen Carter
30-50Prompt guild 826Prompt guild
Toothfairy Factory Sweet
20-30Prompt guild 291Prompt guild
Neighbor Wang's Builder Wang
Builder Wang
8-22Prompt guild 110Prompt guild
The player's Workshop MarcoLinda
The player
Depends on the player's gameplay (0Prompt guild if no commissions are done) 0Prompt guild

As of Hotfix 1.1, Higgins's Workshop gains points on Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, this increase to reputation points will have to be included in the weekly calculation that differs from the rest of the competition. verify ]


Main article: Inspection

Once the player reaches rank C, they can participate in the weekend inspections to judge the week's completed commission items for flaws in exchange for rewards and reputation points.

Higgins and an unnamed Workshop Rep (potentially Allen Carter, as they share the same appearance) attend these inspections each week. This Workshop Rep can be spoken to, but not interacted with.


The (workshop name), with Builder (player) at the helm, can fulfill all of your orders anyway you want them! Located just outside Peach Plaza!
— Example advertisement for player's workshop

For a fee of 100Gols, the player can post one advertisement for the player's Workshop, which lasts a week and rewards 20 reputation points the morning after it is posted. Only one ad can run at a time.

Posting five ads earns the The Advertiser achievement.

Commerce Guild Awards[]

Quarterly rewards[]

If the player's workshop ranks first, second, or third place at the end of a month, the Commerce Guild will send a congratulatory letter and reward to the player's Mailbox on the first of the next month.

The following items are possible rewards for making the top three:

Monthly rewards to the workshops with most points
Ranking Reward
Commerce Guild Rank 1Commerce Guild Rank 1
Rank 1
10000 Gols
Commerce Guild Rank 2Commerce Guild Rank 2
Rank 2
7000 Gols
Commerce Guild Rank 3Commerce Guild Rank 3
Rank 3
4000 Gols

Annual ceremony[]

Gold Trophy

The Gold Trophy

On the last day of each year, the Commerce Guild will send a letter in the mail to alert the player about the ceremony the next day.

We would like to invite you to our annual Commerce Guild Awards tomorrow at the Commerce Guild building. We'll be presenting awards to the best ranked Builders over the last year. Come one come all!
— Letter from Commerce Guild

On the first morning of each year (other than the player's very first day), the Commerce Guild holds the annual awards ceremony for the top workshops in Portia, and workshops that make the top three are given rewards. This is the only time that Allen Carter, Sweet, and Builder Wang are met in-person.

The following items are possible rewards for making the top three at the end of the year:

Possible Annual Workshop Rank Rewards

Although the top three are all depicted holding a trophy during the cutscene, only first place gets to keep the trophy after the ceremony.

Higgins, as the player's major rival, will speak to them after the ceremony has concluded, either taunting the player or griping that he couldn't have lost. The other three Builders may be spoken to, though they do not offer special dialogue or have any social interactions available.


Main article: Achievements

The following achievements are related to Workshop Rank:

Public Achievements
Name Condition
Premier workshop
Premier Workshop
Be ranked number one in a seasonal workshop ranking.
Workshop reputation reaches Level S.
The advertiser
The Advertiser
Place 10 advertisements in the Portia Times for the workshop.


  1. September 3, 2019 email from Pathea Games to SuperSarcosmic, verifying that the rank requirements have not changed since the last alpha release: "Hi, I've searched the changes of ranking system from 1/1/2019 to today in our database and found no result, now rank s is still 17,501 to reach."