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Map of the known My Time world

The history of the world is a set of events that occurred prior to the player's arrival to Portia. There were four major events that occurred during the last 330 years: the Age of Corruption, the Day of Calamity, the Age of Darkness, and the Day of the Bright Sun.[1]

Age of Corruption[]

Mural Age of Corruption.jpg

Prior to the Day of Calamity was a time period known as the Age of Corruption. The Age of Corruption was the age when human technology was at its peak. People lived luxurious lives, robots did most of the labor, and technology had been beyond advanced to the point where extraterrestrial travel was possible. Power Stones were crystallized energy created by scientists used to power nearly everything.

The Altair One lifted off the surface of the earth and entered outer space for the next 330 years, with several crew members, including Ack, on board. Unbeknownst to them, a catastrophic world war ensued that brought the world into darkness.

Day of Calamity[]

Mural Day of Calamity.jpg

The Day of Calamity was a catastrophic event that engulfed the entire world into chaos, darkness, and disarray. Humans created weapons of technology used for war and terror that created mass destruction. In recorded history, continents were destroyed, cities were buried, and new forests and species were created as a result of the use of chemical and biological weapons. The human population became sparse, and AI machines were unable to be contained and controlled. The world was shrouded with darkness, entering the Age of Darkness for the next 200 years.

Age of Darkness[]

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The Age of Darkness was the result of the war caused by humans and the use of dangerous technology. Vast amounts of humans lived underground, facing starvation, loneliness, civil war, and even mutant monsters that lurked in the tunnels. They were unable to grow anything on the surface due to the nuclear winter conditions. Industries shut down and most of the knowledge from the old world was lost.

New countries were formed while underground, and new religions were born, including the Church of the Light. The Church of the Light predicted that a savior would appear and end the darkness, bringing the light back to the world.

Some people started to venture into the old structures that could still be accessed to "ruin dive" in search for working machinery and knowledge that they had lost. The Ruin Divers faced great danger and gained respect from the population. Alongside the Ruin Divers, Builders who helped to put together and fix the old machines started to appear, and over time the two professions started to overlap.

A man named Peach was born sometime during the Age of Darkness.

Day of the Bright Sun[]

Mural Day of the Bright Sun.jpg

About a hundred years ago from present times, while living under modern day Ethea, Peach built a machine that tore holes through the clouds and dispelled the darkness that haunted the world for the last 200 years. He used this machine in several places before it stopped working. Peach was recognized as a hero that brought the long-forgotten light back to the world and gave hope to everyone. The common folk would name this historic event the Day of the Bright Sun as a means of honoring Peach's heroic act and restoring hope to the people.

Some people call this Year 0 of the Peach Calendar, and My Time at Portia starts in Year 98 of that calendar. My Time at Sandrock starts at approximately the same time, though slightly earlier than My Time at Portia.


It took 30 years for the clouds to thin and part completely, and most people started to move above ground again during this time. Some kept their underground affiliations, such as the nations of Seesai, Ethea, Barnarock, and Duvos. The followers of the Church of the Light formed their own country in Meidi. Some ruin divers and settlers from Ethea and Barnarock set off south to form what is known today as the Alliance of Free Cities.

80 years after the Day of the Bright Sun, the settlers established the town of Portia over the decayed ruins of Dubei. To honor Peach, a statue of himself was erected in the center of the plaza named after him, Peach Plaza.

The Empire of Duvos, one of the two major countries in the world, entered a war against the Alliance of Free Cities over the resources at a ruins in Lucien at some point. The war ended in a draw, and a peace treaty between the two opposing parties is currently in place.



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