The 5th of the Hulu Brothers, Wuwa arrived at Portia when the brothers came with their grandmother. He always loved the ocean, so it didn't come as a surprise to anyone when he chose to become a sailor. Now Wuwa runs a passenger liner that takes resident to and from Vega 5 and other countries.


Personal SummaryEdit

Wuwa was born on Autumn of Day 16 and the fifth eldest son of seven brothers. Wuwa and his brothers came to Portia with their grandmother. Wuwa loves the ocean that he pursued a career as a sailor. Wuwa runs a passenger liner that transports people to different countries, having eventually taken the player to Portia from Barnarock.

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Related CharactersEdit

Wuwa has lots of family members in Portia, including his grandmother, Yeye; his older brothers, Dawa, Erwa, Sanwa, and Siwa; and his younger brothers, Liuwa and Qiwa.


When befriending Wuwa, his relationship network with other NPCs will also be affected, resulting in the player receiving favor points from those NPCs as well.


Time Location

Time Location



Husband HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2 +
Wedding RingWedding Ring
Receive help with domestic work and resource gathering, and a chance at receiving gifts first thing in the morning.

Social InteractionsEdit

Interactions: Social talk Social gift Desire head icon Social spar Social RPS Social Invitation Social play Social date Social Dine Social interact Social photo Social Ride Social Relic Trade Social confession Social propose

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Social talk ChatEdit

First meeting
  • Wuwa ED 001
    Hello! Nice to see you again. How are you settling in? Don't know if you got my name last time, I'm Wuwa.
  • Social talk I love life here in Portia, it is really peaceful and relaxing.
  • Social talk The life here in Portia is so cozy, you can just feel it in your heart. I'm pretty sure you'll love it.
  • Social talk Welcome to Portia. Hope you'll like it here. I'm sure you'll have an easy time of getting to know everyone as we're pretty inclusive here!

  • Social talk You better be careful, I'll show no mercy.
  • Social talk Let me show you my full power!
  • Social talk Alright, let's go! Bring it!
  • Social talk Come on, let's see what you got!
  • Social talk Challenging me? I'm game!
  • Social talk Okay...let's start!
  • Social talk I admire your courage! Fine, I'll play with you.
  • Social talk Already starting? I was going to do some stretching.
  • Social talk Let's rumble!
  • Social talk Hahah, What do you think of me now?
  • Social talk You're not hurt are you? Don't worry about it, practice makes perfect.
  • Social talk Haha, that was super fun! You are pretty good!
  • Social talk Perfection!
  • Social talk Of course I was going to win! You underestimated me!
  • Social talk You're far too weak.
  • Social talk Humph, go home and practice more.
  • Social talk Alright, I win!
  • Social talk So you're only so-so.
  • Social talk Ah, I got some bruises from that.
  • Social talk Never imagined I could lose.
  • Social talk Oh, defeat...
  • Social talk I'm getting a little tired...
  • Social talk You are the most powerful opponent I've ever met!
  • Social talk I lost...
  • Social talk Ah, ow, ow, ow!
  • Social talk Why are you so strong?
  • Social talk I'm going for the win next time.
  • Social talk You won, be proud of it!
  • Social talk Mercy, mercy!
  • Social talk What a pity! I will not lose next time!
  • Social talk That was awful, I'll remember this!

Talk about favorite foods
  • Social talk Have you ever had Holly Tea? It's supposed to be good for a healthy diet. I drink it often.
  • Social talk Call me strange, but I'm kinda like the Bitter Melon Mix.
Ask about work
  • (You can meet people from all over the world.)
    • Social talk Yeah, it's pretty fun to talk with them!
  • (Why did you become a boatman?)
    • Social talk Well, staying docked will not take me anywhere, so I had to learn how to sail! hahaah!
Casual talk
  • Social talk I've been to Duvos before, it's the most populated country in the known world! I like the quiet life of Portia better.
  • Social talk
  • (Thanks for taking me here.)
    • Social talk Oh, no problem at all. I do the Barnarock trip once every three months.
  • (You must be an experienced sailor.)
    • Social talk Got that right, been sailing for 10 years now. Still, wish I had a better boat, the one I have isn't suited to sail in rough seas.

  • Social talk Take care, don't overwork yourself.
  • Social talk Let's head out and have some fun!
  • Social talk I'm so glad you're in my life!

Winter Solstice
  • Being together with my brothers eating hotpot really made my day. But I need some water!

Social gift GiftEdit

Giving gifts to Wuwa affects your relationship.


  • Every giftable item, except for the items below, will have a Neutral effect when given to Wuwa.
  • Values listed below are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra 1-2 points.
  • Gifts given on festival days and on Wuwa's birthday earn the player 2x and 3x relationship points respectively and show a unique dialogue.
Social gift Gifting Items
Love      +30
Crystal Fish TankCrystal Fish Tank
Love      +20
Soldier with LanceSoldier with Lance
Love      +15
Galloping HorseGalloping Horse
Crystal StatueCrystal Statue
Yellow Duck SurfboardYellow Duck Surfboard
Love      +12
Sailboat ModelSailboat Model
Love      +10
Delicious Roasted RibsDelicious Roasted Ribs
Old ThermosOld Thermos
Rubber TireRubber Tire
Like        +8
Vegetable SaladVegetable Salad
Like        +7
Red LampRed Lamp
Like        +5
Ship in a BottleShip in a Bottle
Like        +4
Asteria (Bouquet)Asteria (Bouquet)
Power StonePower Stone
Like        +3
Like        +2
Rubber FruitRubber Fruit
Wild CocoonWild Cocoon
Dislike    -1
Wasted FoodWasted Food
Dislike    -2
Hate      -5
Snake MeatSnake Meat
Copper OreCopper Ore
Tin OreTin Ore
Iron OreIron Ore
Lead OreLead Ore
Magnesium OreMagnesium Ore
Manganese OreManganese Ore
Aluminum OreAluminum Ore
Titanium OreTitanium Ore
Animal FecesAnimal Feces
Version 1.0.129395 Listed values are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra 1-2 points.

Desire head icon DesiresEdit

The following items are desires, which are randomly assigned to one or two NPCs per week. In the event that this NPC has a desire, gifting the wanted item will provide the higher tier points; otherwise, on non-desired events, the item gives the base point value. The following items are desires, which are randomly assigned to one or two NPCs per week. In the event that this NPC has a desire, gifting the wanted item will provide the higher tier points; otherwise, on non-desired events, the item gives the base point value.

Desire head icon Desires
Desire icon
Yellow Duck SurfboardYellow Duck Surfboard
Desire icon
Delicious Roasted RibsDelicious Roasted Ribs

Social spar SparEdit

Wuwa will spar with you three times per day. Wuwa is eligible for sparring.

Social spar Level: 19
Relationship Rewards
1st 2nd 3rd
Prompt ordinary
Prompt happy
Prompt happy

Social RPS RPSEdit

Wuwa will play RPS with you three times per day.


Social Invitation InvitationEdit

Occasionally, first thing in the morning, you may leave your house to find Wuwa outside, hoping to invite you out for a date.

Social play PlayEdit

Once you have become buddies with Wuwa, you can schedule a play date together.

Social date DateEdit

After you have successfully confessed how you feel and Wuwa accepts you, you can schedule a romantic date.

If you choose to dine at The Round Table with Wuwa during a date, be sure to order dishes they will like. Sometimes, if you ask them before ordering, they will tell you exactly which dishes to order; other times, they will just give little hints. In any event, Wuwa's food preferences are:

Play date eat Dining
Prompt happy
Prompt sad
Menu icon appetizer
Banner Fish SaladBanner Fish Salad
Smoked Fish RollSmoked Fish Roll
Creamy Salmon StewCreamy Salmon Stew
Creamy Shrimp StewCreamy Shrimp Stew
Menu icon main course
Main Course
Bamboo Papaya and Seafood with RiceBamboo Papaya and Seafood with Rice
Menu icon meat
BBQ Grilled MeatBBQ Grilled Meat
Deep Fried RibsDeep Fried Ribs
Smoked Meat-dinnerSmoked Meat (dinner)
Roasted Warthog FeetRoasted Warthog Feet
Well Seasoned RibsWell Seasoned Ribs
Grilled TurkeyGrilled Turkey
Sauteed RibsSauteed Ribs
Stewed MushroomsDjango's Braised Meat
Fish PorridgeMeidi's Fish Stew
Spicy Fish SoupSpicy Fish Soup
Menu icon vegetable
Golden Radish SoupGolden Radish Soup
Menu icon dessert
Menu icon drink
Bitter Melon MixBitter Melon Mix
Holly TeaHolly Tea

Social interact InteractEdit

As you develop your relationship with Wuwa, you unlock special interactions, including Hug and Kiss.

Social Relic Trade Relic TradeEdit

Wuwa occasionally uses the Relic Pieces Exchange board at the Museum to trade for relic pieces. Wuwa also visits the museum occasionally and likes to look at particular exhibits (after you have donated them to the Museum).

Social Relic Trade
Relic Trade
Points Relics
Requested Pieces +30
Galloping Horse Piece 1Galloping Horse Piece 1
Galloping Horse Piece 2Galloping Horse Piece 2
Galloping Horse Piece 3Galloping Horse Piece 3
Galloping Horse Piece 4Galloping Horse Piece 4
Sailboat Model Piece 1Sailboat Model Piece 1
Sailboat Model Piece 2Sailboat Model Piece 2
Sailboat Model Piece 3Sailboat Model Piece 3
Old Thermos Piece 1Old Thermos Piece 1
Old Thermos Piece 2Old Thermos Piece 2
Soldier with Lance Piece 1Soldier with Lance Piece 1
Soldier with Lance Piece 2Soldier with Lance Piece 2
Soldier with Lance Piece 3Soldier with Lance Piece 3
Soldier with Lance Piece 4Soldier with Lance Piece 4
Soldier with Lance Piece 5Soldier with Lance Piece 5
Favorite Exhibits +???
Old Thermos
Old Thermos
Soldier with Lance
Soldier with Lance
Galloping Horse
Galloping Horse


  • Wu in Chinese means "five", corresponding to the fact that he is the fifth oldest Hulu Brother.