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Dr. Xu grew up in Walnut Groove, where he met a traveling doctor from Seesai, igniting his passion for Seesaian medicine. Dr. Xu followed this master doctor back to Seesai and studied there for many years before returning to the Free Cities. Dr. Xu's goal is to use what he learned in that far away land and help the people of Portia live longer and healthier lives.


Personal summaryEdit

Xu is fluent in Seesain from his time studying abroad. After his studies, Xu traveled as a doctor until he came upon Portia, where he decided to stay due to its lack of a long-term doctor. In Portia, he became popular and plans to retire there.

Xu does not like tea, such as Red Tea, as he cannot sleep after drinking it.

Physical appearanceEdit

Xu has scruffy-textured black hair and bushy eyebrows. He is 172cm tall, weighs 58kg, and is thin built.

Xu wears a white coat typically used in medical professions and wraps his stethoscope around his neck. He has a tan undershirt and brown pants. His accessories include blue-colored glasses and blue-colored tennis shoes.

Related charactersEdit

Xu doesn't have family in Portia, but he is Friends with Phyllis, his confidant, mentee, and colleague at the medical clinic.


When befriending Xu, his relationship network with other NPCs will also be affected, resulting in the player receiving favor points from those NPCs as well.


He can often be found at Dr. Xu's Clinic or looking for Herbs in the fields just outside the city's Central Plaza gate.

At the end of the day, he returns to his home, which is in the center of town, near his clinic. It is open from 10:00 AM to 18:00 PM.

Time Location
12:00 In Dr. Xu's Clinic.
22:00 Walks home.

Time Location
7:00 Walks from his home, through Central Plaza, to the grassy fields in front of Abu's home.
9:00 In the grassy fields near Central Plaza, collecting herbs just outside the city gate.
11:00 Runs from the fields to Dr. Xu's Clinic.
13:00 Working in Dr. Xu's Clinic.
18:00 Walks from Dr. Xu's Clinic to Peach Plaza.
20:30 Sits on a bench in Peach Plaza.
22:00 Walks home.

Time Location

Deviations Edit

  • Dr. Xu participates in all calendar events.
  • On Saturdays, Xu will spend the first hour of the day walking to Gale's home. He will then sit down with Ginger (although they may be on opposite sides of the room from one another) until 11:00, at which point he will run back to his Clinic, arriving at about 12:00. His schedule will proceed normally from there.
  • After work, he may sometimes go to The Round Table or sit on the bench to the right of the entrance before returning home.


Xu is one of the potential bachelors that the player can romance.

Upon reaching Friend status at four full hearts, the player can confess their love to him with a Heart Knot. If the confession is successful, his relationship status changes to Boyfriend. After Xu has become the player's boyfriend, upon reaching Lover status at eight full hearts, the player can then propose to him with a Wedding Ring. If the proposal is successful, his relationship status changes to Husband. Once certain other conditions have been met, Xu and the player can then try for children.

Additionally, upon meeting certain relationship levels, certain perks are rewarded.


Buddy StarStarStar 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2
Receive a 10% discount when consuming in the store
Friend StarStarStarStarStar 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2
Send gifts through the mail sometimes
Possible gifts are:
Boyfriend HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2Heart 2Heart 2Heart 2Heart 2
Add an extra 100 health points and 10% off in the store
Sweetheart HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2Heart 2Heart 2
Receive a 25% discount when consuming in the store
Husband HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2 +
Receive help with domestic work and resource gathering, and a chance at receiving gifts first thing in the morning.

Social interactionsEdit

Interactions: Social talk Social gift Desire head icon Social spar Social RPS Social Invitation Social play Social date Social Dine Social interact Social photo Social Ride Social Relic Trade Social confession Social propose Social mission

Click on the icon to go to the respective section.

Social talk ChatEdit

First meeting
  • Social talk Hey, welcome to Portia. I'm pretty much the only doctor around here, so come see me when you need to heal up or buy health items. Here, have these as a welcome gift.
  • DrXu ED 002
    I'm researching some old medical history. It turns out that there used to be a radical difference between Western and Eastern medicine. I wonder what will Phyllis think of that?
  • DrXu ED 003
    If you don't feel very well, just come to the clinic. I'll offer you my best help.
  • DrXu ED 004
    The herbal mixture is a great thing. It's easy to make and it works well. Always make sure you have enough of them to be safe.
  • Social talk Keep the doctor's advice in mind. Stay away from spicy food, exercise frequently. That's how you can stay out of the clinic.
  • Social talk I like herb gathering. Sometimes I get a little surprise when a little bug fell from the tree leaves. I give them to Qiwa as a gift. Haha!
  • Social talk Phyllis is a good helper and a quick learner. My work has gotten a lot easier because of her.
  • Social talk Do you go on adventures often? Keep some drugs at hand and remember doctor's advice.

  • Social talk You better be careful, I'll show no mercy.
  • Social talk Let me show you my full power!
  • Social talk Alright, let's go! Bring it!
  • Social talk Come on, let's see what you got!
  • Social talk Challenging me? I'm game!
  • Social talk Okay...let's start!
  • Social talk I admire your courage! Fine, I'll play with you.
  • Social talk Already starting? I was going to do some stretching.
  • Social talk Let's rumble!
  • Social talk Hahah, What do you think of me now?
  • Social talk You're not hurt are you? Don't worry about it, practice makes perfect.
  • Social talk Haha, that was super fun! You are pretty good!
  • Social talk Perfection!
  • Social talk Of course I was going to win! You underestimated me!
  • Social talk You're far too weak.
  • Social talk Humph, go home and practice more.
  • Social talk Alright, I win!
  • Social talk So you're only so-so.
  • Social talk Ah, I got some bruises from that.
  • Social talk Never imagined I could lose.
  • Social talk Oh, defeat...
  • Social talk I'm getting a little tired...
  • Social talk You are the most powerful opponent I've ever met!
  • Social talk I lost...
  • Social talk Ah, ow, ow, ow!
  • Social talk Why are you so strong?
  • Social talk I'm going for the win next time.
  • Social talk You won, be proud of it!
  • Social talk Mercy, mercy!
  • Social talk What a pity! I will not lose next time!
  • Social talk That was awful, I'll remember this!

Talk about favorite foods
  • Social talk I personally don't care too much for tea.
  • Social talk I don't drink Red Tea because I can't sleep after that.
  • Social talk I like fruit juice, 'cause I don't have to peel the fruits.
  • Social talk I like to eat meat, doesn't matter if it's fried, baked, BBQed, or something else.
  • Social talk I always order lots of meat! Just because, haha!
Ask about work
  • Social talk
  • (What made you decide to set up your clinic here?)
    • Social talk There's a case I want to solve here. I wasn't expecting to stay here in Portia at first, actually. But I really want to solve this case and cure this patient.
Casual talk
  • Social talk I'm from Walnut Groove, but I studied my medical in Seesai. I'm actually fluent in Seesaian. I know some in the Free Cities find the Seesaian culture different, but I liked it there.
  • Social talk I went to Seesai by boat, it was an eye opening experience. The silk, the jade, the food - it was all amazing.
  • (You're really popular here in Portia.)
    • Social talk I plan to retire here, so this is my community now.
    • Social talk Aw shucks, you just weren't there when people were telling me to jump off a cliff. Being a doctor is rough!
  • (You're keeping everyone healthy as can be.)
    • Social talk Just doing my job.

  • Social talk I look forward to have dinner with you when we both have time.

  • Social talk Going to bed early and getting up early is good for health.
  • Social talk Are we going on an adventure tomorrow? The clinic has plenty of medicines. Keep that mind.
  • Social talk Take care, don't overwork yourself.
  • Social talk Let's head out and have some fun!
  • Social talk I'm so glad you're in my life!
  • Social talk Didn't we get along well before? You have changed.

Winter Solstice
  • Social talk It's so fun being able to celebrate today with a hot pot. But don't eat too much though, or your stomach will feel it later!

  • Social talk The snow looks plentiful. Gotta keep up exercising to warm up my body.

Social gift GiftEdit

Console Note
The information below pertains to the PC version of My Time at Portia, and may differ from the console versions. Additionally, console-specific information may change in future updates.
Comments: Gifting values on non-universal gifts may currently be different on consoles.

Giving gifts to Xu affects the player's relationship with Xu. Every character has unique gift preferences.


  • Every giftable item, except for the items below, will have a Neutral (+1) effect when given to Xu.
  • Gifts given on festival days and on Xu's birthday will earn the player 2x and 3x relationship points, respectively, and will show a unique dialogue.
  • Values listed below are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra point.
  • Dr. Xu feels neutral about Stone, unlike most NPCs who dislike it
Social gift Gifting Items
Love      +20
Love      +18
Love      +15
Love      +12
Love        +10
Like        +8
Like        +6
Like        +5
Like        +4
Like        +3
Like        +2
Dislike        -1
Dislike        -2
Hate        -5
Listed values are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra point.

Gift values displayed on this chart are for the PC release of My Time at Portia and may not apply to the console releases.

Desire head icon DesiresEdit

The following items are desires, or wishes, which are randomly assigned to one or two NPCs per week. In the event that Xu has a desire, gifting the wanted item will provide the higher tier points; otherwise, on non-desired events, the item gives the base point value. Some NPCs may desire an item that they do not normally like.

Desire head icon Desires
Desire icon
Flower ScooperFlower Scooper
Desire icon
Meat and Mushrooms StewMeat and Mushrooms Stew

Social spar SparEdit

Xu can spar with the player up to three times per day.

Note that the level in the table below is Xu's base level at the start of the game. Xu's actual level can be higher because Xu will level up over time.

Social spar
Level: 6
Relationship Rewards/losses
Round 1 2 3
Player Win
Prompt happy
Prompt happy
Prompt sad
Gols Gols
Apple Apple
Baked Bread Baked Bread
Herbal Juice Herbal Juice
Herbal Mixture Herbal Mixture
Herbs Herbs
Roasted Meat Roasted Meat
Player Lose
Prompt happy
Prompt sad
Prompt ordinary

Social RPS RPSEdit

Xu can play RPS with the player up to three times per day.

Social photo PhotoEdit

Below is a gallery of Xu's poses in group photos.


Social Invitation InvitationEdit

Occasionally, first thing in the morning, the player may leave their house to find Xu outside, hoping to invite the player out for a date or play date.

Social play PlayEdit

Once the player has become buddies with Xu, they can schedule a play date together.

Social date DateEdit

After the player has successfully confessed how they feel to Xu, the player can schedule a romantic date with Xu.

Social Dine DineEdit

If the player chooses to dine at The Round Table with Xu during a play date or date, it is recommended to order dishes Xu will like. If asked before ordering, Xu will sometimes tell the player exactly which dishes to order; other times, Xu will just give little hints. In the event that Xu does not specify the exact foods desired, the player should order between three and six dishes, depending on what hint Xu gives. It is recommended to order each of those dishes from different courses, ex. ordering one Appetizer, Meat, Vegetable, Dessert, and Drink course each, rather than five Desserts.

Xu's food preferences are:

Play date eat Dining
Prompt happy
Prompt sad
Menu icon appetizer
Menu icon main course
Main Course
Menu icon meat
Menu icon vegetable
Menu icon dessert
Menu icon drink

Social interact InteractEdit

As the player develops their relationship with Xu, special interactions are unlocked, including Hug and Kiss.

Social Relic Trade Relic tradeEdit

Xu occasionally uses the Relic Pieces Exchange board at the Museum to trade for relic pieces. Xu likes to look at particular completed relics, so after the player has donated such relics to the Museum or displayed them in their yard, Xu may come visit the Museum or the player's yard to view these relics. Such visits will earn the player relationship points each time, with the amount dependent upon the relic.

Social Relic Trade
Relic Trade
Points Relics
Requested Pieces +30
Favorite Exhibits +???
Soldier with Blade
Soldier with Blade
Magic Lamp
Magic Lamp
Weird Glass Jar
Weird Glass Jar
The Thinking Can
The Thinking Can

Social mission MissionsEdit

Spoiler Alert: This section may contain spoilers. Proceed with caution!

Legend: MAPICON main2MAPICON branch2 major • MAPICON main1MAPICON branch1 minor • Social play friendship • Social date romance

  • MAPICON main2 Main missions are listed in chronological order, based on the chronology list.
  • MAPICON branch2 Secondary missions are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Indented missions indicate succession of the previously listed mission. Further missions in its timeline are in chronological order.

Secondary missionsEdit

MAPICON branch1 A Mysterious Lunch Fairy
Someone put some healthy food in Sam's lunch. She wants to know who did it.
MAPICON branch2 Broken Handrail
The handrail above the Portia School is old and worn, Dr. Xu is worried that people might fall off and get hurt. Fix it.
MAPICON branch1 Commission of Happiness
Help A&G Construction deliver some wallpaper samples to customers before 18:00.
This is Gust's romance mission.
Social play Dr. Xu's Book
The books for Dr. Xu will be delivered to the harbour, ask Wuwa about the details.
MAPICON branch2 Ginger's Treatment
Dr. Xu needs your help in constructing a Therapy Lamp.
MAPICON branch2 Craft Therapy Lights
The Therapy Light will burn out after each use, prepare some more for Dr. Xu.
MAPICON branch1 In Sickness
Ginger's sick? Go to her house and see how she's doing.
This is Ginger's romance mission.
MAPICON branch1 Meet and Greet
Mayor Gale recommends that you visit all of Portia's shop owners.
MAPICON branch1 Mint Condition
Gale would like you to deliver a note to Dr. Xu.
This is Mint's romance mission.
MAPICON branch1 Phyllis's Remedy
People are getting sick from the polluted water in Portia, Dr. Xu has asked you to collect some items for Phyllis's research.
MAPICON branch1 Stories of Togetherness
Petra left some hints with other people for a message to you. You'll need to talk to a them to figure out what the message is.
This is Petra's romance mission.
Social play The Brightest Star
Dr. Xu and Phyllis are chatting about something you are not supposed to hear. What are they planning?
MAPICON branch2 Time To Get Serious
Talk to Phyllis' friends to find out why she refused to marry you.
This is Phyllis' romance mission.

Romance missionsEdit

Social date Moonlight Primrose
Dr. Xu will need some planting tools for cultivating the herbs, help him make them.
Social date Taking Care of the Doctor
Taking Care of Dr. Xu.

Events Edit

On the 13th day of Spring in the first year, Dr. Xu will be waiting outside the Builder's home when they wake up.

  • Xu "Hi, so you're the new Builder in town? I heard you're from Barnorock. It's a lot more humid here in Portia. Have you got used to the humidity here?
    • Yep!
    • Not yet.
  • Choosing "Yep!" option:
    • Xu "That's alright. We have a recipe here to help cope with the humidity."
    • Xu "Just use some Milk, Golden Salmon, and Salt to make the Creamy Salmon Stew.
  • Choosing "Not yet." option:
    • Xu "Health is the most important thing in life, right? Don't wait until you're sick to do something about it. A Seesai proverb says "prevention is the best cure!" Don't you agree?"
    • Xu "Good! But still, eat some healthy foods, good for the body, good for the mind. Try using Milk, Golden Salmon, and Salt to make the Creamy Salmon Stew. It's a local stew, I personally find it very healthy!"
  • Thank you, doctor.
  • But how do I make it?

Choosing "Thank you, doctor." option ends dialog.

  • Choosing "But how do I make it?" option:
    • Xu "Oh! Perhaps you don't have any cooking equipment. Talk with the ladies at the Research Center, they should be able to help you.

At 150 friendship (1.5x Heart), entering Dr. Xu's Clinic will start Mission: Dr. Xu's Book.

At HeartHeartHeart, talking to Xu will start this event:

  • Xu "Recently everyone is healthy. The work at the clinic is quite relaxed."
  • Xu "Isn't the workshop builder quite busy? You've been help us out for quite some time. Is there anything I can help you too? Want to chitchat about what's going with your work? I'm all ears!"
    • Logging is hard
    • Mining is hard
    • It's okay, I'm fine.
  • No matter what the builder says:
    • Xu "Oh? I think I get it."

Choosing "It's okay, I'm fine." will end the event.

The next day, talking to Xu will complete the event:

  • If the builder chose "Logging is hard":
    • Xu "Oh that, these aren't a lot, please take them.
    • Wood +5
      • Thanks.
    • Xu "You are welcome. It's hard to keep up with all this everyday. I had a taste of it yesterday and got these. They are all yours. I'm heading back to work!"
    • Royal Honey +1
  • If the builder chose "Mining is hard":
    • Xu "Oh that, these aren't a lot, please take them.
    • Stone +5
      • Thanks.
    • Xu "You are welcome. It's hard to keep up with all this everyday. I had a taste of it yesterday and got these. They are all yours. I'm heading back to work!"
    • Sapphire +1

After leaving the Hazardous Ruins for the first time after reaching Friendship level (HeartHeartHeartHeart) with Dr. Xu, Sam will be waiting.

  • Sam "Hey little fellow! Getting your butt handed to you?"
  • Sam "Dr. Xu is worried about you and wants to come in. Normally I don't just let people in. So I let him wait outside. Go find him. He might still be waiting. Who knows!"

Xu will be waiting at the entrance to the Collapsed Wasteland. When approaching him:

  • Xu "You are out finally, Let me see if you are hurt."
    • Why are you even here?
  • Xu "Civil Corps says you visit the Hazardous Ruins often. There are tough monsters. You are in big trouble if you are injured."
    • Can I get a treatment? I'm injured,
    • I'm fine. Don't worry.
  • Choosing "Can I get a treatment? I'm injured," option:
    • Xu "Let me get a look at you."
  • Choosing "I'm fine. Don't worry." option:
    • Xu "I'd feel more assured if I take a good look at you."
  • Xu "Looks nothing serious. I will treat you in a bit."


  • Xu "Okay, you are good to go."
    • Thank you Dr. Xu. Are you hurt too?
    • I feel completely fine, thank you!
  • Choosing "Thank you Dr. Xu. Are you hurt too?" option:
    • Xu "This is embarrassing. I wanted to sneak in when the gate was open. And a strange bird jumped on me and I couldn't react in time. And the rest is history."
    • Xu "The good thing is Sam showed up in time and drove away the bird, and drove me back from the gate too."
    • Xu "Don't worry, I can take care of my injury. But if something happens to you, I'd be really worried!"
    • Xu Relationship +40
  • Choosing "I feel completely fine, thank you!" option:
    • Xu "You are welcome! Take easy and don't try too hard!"
    • Xu Relationship +20

After attaining 450 Friendship (4.5 Heart) with Dr. Xu, if the builder is single, entering the clinic will start the event: Dr. Xu talking to Phyllis:

  • Xu "Will it work...?"
  • Phyllis "Doctor, you've gotta be proactive. If you really like the person, go for it!"
  • Xu "You're absolutely right, I shouldn't give up before even trying! Thank you for your advice, Phyllis!"
  • Phyllis "Uh...Doc..."
  • Xu "What should I do next? I definitely can't ask..."
  • Phyllis "Hey there PlayerName! Can we help you? Not feeling well?"
  • Xu "Ah... PlayerName! When did you come in?"
    • I just got here.
    • What were you talking about?
  • Choosing either option:
  • Xu "Oh, not... nothing at all!"
  • Xu "I was just going to get some herbs. Right! Phyllis, just do it the way I told you earlier, got it?"

This ends dialog.

Talking to Xu again during the same day, or the next day will prompt the following response:

  • Xu "Ehh...what were we talking was about herbs! Which herbs we like the most! Anyway, I've got to go."

Talking to Phyllis continues the event:

  • Phyllis "You know what? You'd think Dr. Xu is great at what he does, but he's definitely not good at this! Haha!"
  • Phyllis "So...? You want to know what Dr. Xu is up to? I don't know if I should tell..."

This ends dialog.

  • Phyllis "What to do...oh well, I am starting to crave some Spaghetti with Hot Sauce though, oh what to do?"
    • I'll make you one!
    • What to do?
  • Choosing "I will make you one." option:
    • Phyllis "Hehe, well then, I'm looking forward to it."
    • Phyllis Reputation +5
  • Choosing "What do I do?" option:
    • Phyllis "Come on, help me please."

Either option will begin Mission: The Brightest Star.

After starting a relationship with Xu, the first time the Builder talks to him:

  • Xu "No... this might not work. No... this definitely will not work."
    • Anything bothering you Dr. Xu?
  • Xu "Ah, PlayerName! I was doing something... didn't notice you."
  • Xu "Recently I've been cultivating a special kind of herb, but it's not going smoothly. This kind of herb will need a special tool to grow.""
    • Is there anything I can help with?
  • Xu "Glad you asked! If you can make Plant Fences and Spray Bottles, it will be really helpful. Interested?"
    • Yeah, that's no problem.
    • Sorry, I've got something else coming up.
  • Choosing "Yeah, that's no problem." option:
    • Xu "Great. This is the workbook I brought from the research center. You should be able to read it."
    • Cultivation Fence (Book)Herb Fence (Book)
    • Spray Bottle (Book)Spray Bottle (Book)

This will begin Mission: Moonlight Primrose.


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