Zeolora Tree Seed is a seed that can be planted in a Large Planter Box to grow Zeolite.

Obtaining Edit

Zeolora Tree Seed can be purchased at the following shop:

Store In Stock Price
Farm Store icoChurch Store
Church Store
5 5Data Disc

Three Zeolora Tree Seeds are also given to the player as a reward for completing The Theft.

Usage Edit

Main article: Farming

Zeolora Tree Seed can be planted in a Large Planter Box in any season to grow a Zeolora Tree to produce Zeolite. The tree grows in two stages: a growth stage of 18 days (time a sapling needs to reach maturity) and a harvest stage of 8 days (time a mature tree needs to bear fruit).

The tree persists after the crop is harvested and will continue to produce Zeolite every 8 days, but can be uprooted if the player wishes. The tree will also be lost if the player picks up the planter box and puts it into their inventory or if the player sucks the planter box into their inventory with a Vacuum Cleaner.

The base Zeolora Tree yield is 23-25 Zeolite. The player can harvest 46-50 Zeolite if they keep the tree fully fertilized during its whole growth and harvest stages; if the tree was not fertilized during its growth stage it will not produce the double harvest. verify ]

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